CSIR develops Less Polluting Firecrackers and E-Crackers

India is facing lots of issues by the air pollution year over the year, which results in a serious health hazard. Recognizing this year, India largest research and development organization, which is the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has now developed a less polluting fire-crackers, which is also being claimed as the environment-friendly and is around 30% cheaper than the conventional ones.

The firecrackers are named as the SWAS which is Safe Water Releaser, SAFAL which is Safe minimal Aluminum and STAR which is STAR Thermite Cracker.

In more general term, it is called by the name as the “Green Crackers,” SWAS has a unique property of releasing the water vapor and to suppressant air or dust and diluent some of the gaseous emissions and matching performance in sound more with the conventional crackers.

SWAS crackers also eliminate the usage of KNO3 which is potassium Nitrate and Sulphur with the reduction in the particular matter of Nox and SO2. It has the matching sound quality with just the commercial crackers in the range of 105-110 Dba.

SWAS has also been tested for the shelf life of up to 3 weeks with the consistent performance.

Apart from just, CSIR-CECRI teams with the collaboration of the Fireworks company Sivaski has also developed a modified chemical formulation for the flower pots, Jil Jil and bomb crackers as these are more in high demand in the market and also form a significant share of the industrial profit.

The team also developed a flower pot with the help of eco-friendly materials with the implications of the particular matter reduction by around 40%.


Written by Udit Agarwal

Startup/Tech News Correspondent, Responsible for gathering information on the tech companies working on IOT, AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Technologies,

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