Customers Don’t like Robotic Answers, Still AI will Progress, How and Why?

By Ethan Millar
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Customers Don’t like Robotic Answers, Still AI will Progress, How and Why? 1

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most grossing technologies. It is one of those technologies which have the potential to revamp the way the world functions. Therefore, companies are using Artificial Intelligence everywhere possible to not only automate the activities but to also boost the efficiency. Now, when it comes to the inclusion of AI in the field of customer service, the results have been remarkable. Artificial Intelligence is not only helping the customer support team to quicken up their processes but to also engage the customers in the ways that seemed possible earlier. In fact, one of the best CRM tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s AI for Customer Service Insights makes use of natural language understanding. Further, there are a host of other uses of AI which make this solution one of the best in the business.


Now, AI powered chatbots are constantly interacting with the users. They are so natural that customers hardly find the difference. Apart from customer interactions, AI is also helping the firms to analyze vital data which can help the firms to offer better support to the customers. But, if we specifically talk about the integration of AI for customer interactions, the initial response of the people and the firms regarding the use of AI powered programs or robots was different. Earlier, people though that robotic conversations won’t be natural and the customers will not feel engaged.

Was there any reluctance when it comes to using AI for customer interactions?

Initially, people might have thought that machine powered interactions would be very monotonous. Also, customers would easily find out that they are interacting with a machine rather than a customer support agent. Also, the way a machine would understand the user is not the same how a human agent would. Hence, there might be little bit of hesitance in using machines for customer interactions.

AI powered conversations or chatbots have come a long way

AI powered customer interactions and the chatbots have evolved tremendously in the last few years. Now, the way that an AI powered chatbot communicates with the customer is no longer robotic. In fact, the programs are extremely smart. Also, with the help of chatbots, companies are able to be available for their customers 24 by 7. Additionally, with the infusion of Artificial Intelligence, in the CRM solution, the customer support experts are able to make better decisions for any particular interaction. Also, AI has definitely automated the complete customer interaction process. Additionally, needless to say, with the help of AI powered chatbots, firms are able to provide better support to the customers, and the errors have also lessened. The quality of care has improved.

How the introduction of AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM and other apps empowering the users?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced technologies. And, now, Microsoft has added AI in most of its apps, including CRM, marketing and sales. AI powered programs offer valuable insights to the users. These insights are further used by the experts to devise better plans to engage potential customers. Also, with the help of AI based programs, the users are able to easily analyze customer requirements. Additionally, they are in the position to answer questions more neatly and thus, have more chances of turning the leads into customers. Most of the Microsoft Dynamics 365’s apps, like Customer relationship Management, Sales and Marketing etc. contain highly advanced AI features. All of these features help the users to not only automate their tasks but to also amplify the efficiency of operations. Also, users get to make use of a plenty of latest features which in turn help them to improve the performance.

It is true that AI is progressing like anything, and the reasons are many. Therefore, now, chatbots and other AI based integrations in various CRM tools like Microsoft dynamics 365 implementation services are being done. All of these integrations are turning out to be extremely beneficial for the users. At the same time, these inclusions help the firms to understand their customers better through insights as well. So, overall, the use of AI in the field of CRM goes beyond interactions.

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