Cyber Resilience: 5 Things All Modern Business Owners Need to Know

By Sony T
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Cyber Resilience: 5 Things All Modern Business Owners Need to Know 1

Technology has made the average business much more efficient, especially regarding data collection, automation, and software. However, not all companies know just how pivotal their technology is for daily operations and how much knowledge they need to take full advantage of it while keeping their data and other assets safe.

If you’re new to the world of digitization and need help understanding the basics, here are some key points to keep in mind:  

You Need to Back Up Your Data

Many businesses build up data and essential company information over several years of being in business. If this sounds familiar, but you don’t have a cyber recovery plan, one cyber attack could erase years of hard work.

Even if you don’t believe you’re at risk of a cyber-attack, having a plan for one is paramount. Consider aligning yourself with backup and disaster recovery service providers to ensure you’ll always be able to recover important data and keep your business operational.

Technology Can Make Your Team More Productive

Business owners are always trying to devise ways to make their teams more productive, and technology might be the answer. Calendar and scheduling apps allow for better planning and time management, while team apps improve communication for fewer errors. You can also rely on platforms that enable streamlined workflows and processes. No matter your productivity-related problems, you’re bound to find a form of technology to address them.

Your Employees Are Your Biggest Cyber Risk

You might think that random cyber criminals are your biggest threat, but your own employees could be. According to reports, 36% of reported data breaches were internal, and disgruntled former employers were responsible for 20% of reported breaches.

Of course, not all cyber breaches are intentional. For example, a staff member clicking on an email link containing malware can be all it takes to bring an organization to its knees. Training is pivotal if you wish to prevent such situations. Your employees need to know about the latest cyber risks, so training should be a regular, ongoing practice in your business.

IT Service Providers Can Be An Excellent Investment

While tough economic times are causing many businesses to tighten their purse strings, IT services are one area it pays not to skimp. As tempting as it can be to keep all IT work in-house to save money, you might not have the expertise to combat challenging problems and address security concerns.

By outsourcing this job to a Managed Service Provider, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing a team of experts is putting appropriate measures in place to keep your servers and data safe. In the long run, outsourcing this essential service might reduce your expenses significantly.

Automation Can Save You Time and Money

Business automation describes technology that can do core tasks automatically, rather than relying on human workforces to perform them manually. As daunting as it can be to welcome any new technology into a business, automation is increasingly essential for time and money savings.

Previously labor-intensive and repetitive tasks can take a fraction of the time, and you don’t need to assign humans to take care of them. You can also enjoy efficiency since software and programs operate within specific rules, reducing the risk of errors. Human error costs businesses billions of dollars annually, but you can get on the right side of the statistics by adopting automation.

As a modern business owner, you are in a desirable position to benefit from the latest and greatest technology. By acting on the information above, you should be able to make your business far more robust than you thought possible.

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