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Cybersecurity Awareness Crucial to Combat Cybercrimes

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In the current digital era, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. The digital landscape in the last ten years has changed tremendously and it is safe to assume that this trend is set to continue. Development in the technological front coupled with easy access to tools that intrude private data are making it cybercriminals to get the job done.

Weak passwords, use of outdated software, and e-mails with attachments from unreliable sources are assisting cybercriminals to carry out cyber-crimes methodically and efficiently. In the current scenario, numerous cases of cyber-crimes are reported each day worldwide.

As technology is evolving, hackers are also developing several techniques to breach into confidential and vital databases of small to large business enterprises. The rising number of cyber-attacks has prompted organizations to invest in a modern and advanced cyber-security system.

A market study published by Allied Market Research discusses the important parameters of the cybersecurity market such as the market share, size, and growth. The current trends, growth opportunities and prospects of cyber-security are thoroughly discussed in the report.

Cyber-security: New perspective and innovations

Today, small businesses to large multi-national organizations store large volumes of data. Data storage is one of the key aspects of any organization to function smoothly. Without data and information, it is impossible for businesses to run and achieve success. However, as technology is evolving, cyber criminals are making the most of the technological advances.

At the global level, the U.S. is taking giant strides forward in terms of implementing cybersecurity. The U.S. government is actively working towards the development of cyber-security. In 2017, two cyber-crime major incidences brought down government networks that sent an alarming signal.

The need to implement reliable and impenetrable cyber security systems received an added push. Gov. John Kasich has expressed his opinion regarding the subject and says that these cyber threats must be taken seriously. He requested the Ohio National Guard to bring together, public, private, military and educational organizations to come together and form the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3).

The main objective of OC3 is to offer a collaborative environment to materialize a strong cybersecurity infrastructure and workforce. OC3 is advancing with a unique approach that will make Ohio a hub for cyber excellence and innovation. One of the goals set up OC3 includes the creating of a cyber range for cybersecurity training and technology development testing. The virtual training initiative will equip the youth for a better future in the cybersecurity field.

Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity

Organizations are reluctantly seeking different methods and techniques to protect vital data. Darktrace, a company based out of the UK is making progress when it comes to cybersecurity technology. The company makes use of machine learning capabilities and complex algorithms and probabilistic mathematics to figure out the usual pattern of each user and device in a network. Sanjay Aurora, managing director, Asia Pacific, Darktrace said, “The philosophy of our entire portfolio, or our approach, is largely based on this DNA: the human immune system.”

Several industry experts have indicated that the cyber-threat landscape has witnessed a major change and cybercriminals are making use of advanced technologies to launch a series of attacks. It has become difficult to identify criminals who have breached a network as they maintain a low profile after entering a network.

A report from the cybersecurity company, FireEye revealed that organizations on an average, companies took 99 days in 2016 to detect they have been breached. In 2015, it took companies 146 days. Although there has been significant progress in that front, cyber criminals can do tremendous damage within that period. Aurora further explained that organizations need to invest in new techniques to tackle cyber-crimes.

According to him, investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence is vital as machines have a quicker response time. He further states that companies need to invest in cyber-intelligence as well. In the physical world, intelligence gathering is used to protect national security interests to deal with terror attacks. On similar lines, cyber-intelligence has the potential to help companies take steps to safeguard crucial information instead of investing in every available technology.

Cybersecurity will pose several challenges for organizations. However, it is important for every company to understand the risk of cyber-crimes and tackle the same. Etay Maor, executive security advisor, IBM security threw light on the subject and said that it is crucial for organizations to train the people to make them aware of digital threats and make them capable enough to combat them.

As technology is advancing, it is important for every organization to identify the real problem i.e. lack awareness related to cyber intelligence and crime could potentially inflict a heavy loss. In a nutshell, cybercriminals are becoming more discrete and to identify the breach in security needs to be identified and dealt with high urgency to avoid loss of data.

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