Cybersecurity Tools provided by Cisco

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Cybersecurity Tools provided by Cisco 1

We know nowadays how much security is as important as all the data are on the network (Internet), we know that security is a threat as the data should always be secured. It has become necessary to develop some tools that can detect various types of malicious activity and protect your data. Cisco security provides one of the best options as Cisco have some products and resources are more reliable and secure. The technical resources that the Cisco provides for the cybersecurity some of them are listed here:


1) Cisco Talos Threat Research Blog

In this, the threat that the customer faces is detected by the intelligence of the threat. They detect, analyze and protect their customers from both known threat as well as unknown threats.

2) Cisco IOS Software Checker

This software is used to check the vulnerabilities in the IOS. Critical and High rated vulnerabilities are included by default.

3) PSIRT openVuln API

This provides the automate security vulnerabilities assessment and uses the open security standards.

4) Cisco PSIRT CVRF Repository

This is the Cisco advisory repositories in the CVRF form.

5) Cisco PSIRT OVAL Repository

This is the Cisco advisory repositories in the OVAL form.

6) Cisco Event Responses

Here will be a list of the events or saved dates that tells about the security software releases and workshop etc.

7) Security White Papers

This had the list that Cisco provides and if you want to learn from them then you can join Cisco

8 ) Virus Watch

Well, Cisco has the tool named Cisco Talos helps in finding the threats that are emerging currently.

Cisco security had products and tools for the different technologies that are emerging in the today’s world such as Cloud security, Advanced Malware Protection, Email Security, Endpoint Security, Network Visibility and Segmentation, Next-Generation Firewalls, Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems, Router Security, Security Management, VPN Security Clients and Web Security. They also build customize security tool if required.

So, all in all here are some tools which can help you get the security for the data in different emerging fields and now they are also working on the big data security. There are also some techniques and process which is based on the deep learning and machine learning approaches to detect the malicious software and provide security.

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