Cyptocurrencies fling After South Korean exchange reports got hacked


Bitcoin get all the pack dropping by 12 percent in just three months, the recovery  was $6,781.20 and now it’s totally recovery  is $6,673. 08

Some other top Cryptocurrencies dropped as same level of Bitcoin, with Litecoin down at 9 percent by $105.34,  Ethereum dropped by 11 percent by $5,19.93 and Ripple  XRP down at more than 11 percent to 58 cents.

Why the markets are reacting roughly on the news of hack although the mystery of taking accounts the size of Coinrail have and what is made of.

Coinrail is a small Cryptocurrency exchange which mainly deals with uncertain numbers of token. Ethereum World News stated, exchange currency ranked 90th according to its size and this only handles 2.7 million trade on average per day.

According to report, more authentic dubbed ‘cyberintrusion’ by company was $19.5 million value of NPXS tokens those were initial coins called Pundi X; $13.8 million in tokens related to other ICO called  Aston X; 5.8 million in tokens and another one is Dent; $1.1 million Trons tokens.

Coinrail  tweeted many times on tweeter that “We are on the path to getting back all the leaked coins” till then sites will remain bit inactive until it make sure that all the related security  checks are  properly. The hackers will not able access any other token to any of the Crypto currency.

Hacking of the cryptocurrency has frighten the market earlier. But they always find hackers stealing the bitcoins  and some other cryotos like Bit humble and YouBit these are best South Korean exchanges who got stolen lot of amount from past year.

Billy  Bambrough stated at Frobes “the hackers are getting more dangerous by every passing year, potential hackers have great technology to damage the Crypto, and due to this many investors  of Cryptocurrencies  are in dilemma and dropping out because of these hackers.

One of the options to discard the fear of investors by small selling and making large profit,a group people or just a person who had used Coinrail before these information can be turned in the favour of bitcoin and  cryptocurrency.

No one will ever get the fact behind  why a small group  hackers could ever affect  the massive exchange network of known Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies market in the whole.


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