Data analytics to score big in 2017

Data analytics to score big in 2017 technews

From history to chronicle of event for a better future

Year 2016 has now become a history and whatever changes and opportunity took place in the past and the probable steps taken for continuous growth will now serve as a better footprint to move ahead. Year 2017 is ahead of us to hit the market once again with big surprises and development. Storing and accessing data in the smoother, faster and quickest way will become a boon in the history of technology. Whether it is researchers, scientists, teachers, data analysts whoever, each of them will learn new ways to store and access data as and when needed with simple keywords and legends only.Data analytics to score big in 2017

Linkage of data through different medium and sources

In the age of modern data analytics, searching and mixing data from variety6 of sources is a handy job.  Though it is not impossible to start up in any field, but preparation and diluting data has become a challenging task today. From the records available from different sources and the reports generated, it would be helpful to forecast the next step.  For an example, if the dealers are finding it difficult to analyze the result of future sale, they can keep a t4rack of their past records and the consumer behavior to plan and decide for future to avoid mistakes.

Earlier nobody even had a hint of using technology in the most effective way, but to use it in the correct way. Taking the next example, Drone cameras, these cameras are now being used for taking videos in any event or occasion. Had anyone ever dreamt of focusing on such aerial cameras to control with just two hands with the click of buttons or joysticks?  Moreover, the IT masters are predicting that 2017 is going to provide a bigger platform for development and innovation as well. Working as a team would surprise the World and the coming generation to become fully autonomous.

Opportunities for business users- Big Data a boon for retailers too

Business users are definitely going to benefit the most using the big data analytics tools in the most viable way. Maintaining, storing, securing, and accessing data in the most preferable method will result in creation of customer satisfaction which is the most important outcome that a businessman hovers for. The analytics team and the tools wills be reduced to automated systems and everything will be handled through software. Swell, this is going to mark the excellence in 2017 and a great opportunity for the business class.  Nevertheless, the other industries too will gain with the upcoming changes and modulation in technology. There are also tailor made data apps made for the small shops, such as coffee shops, restaurants and etc.

Thus, data analysis is not just a matter for the big industrialists who hire technical supports for running their systems. Big data will become a friendly app for the entire world with the efforts and support of people engaged in the development of these systems.

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