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  • Reduce Cost Of Patient Care In Hospitals With Data Analytics

    Reduce Cost Of Patient Care In Hospitals With Data Analytics

    Hospitals need to provide the best treatment for their patients with low cost. It is tough to maintain the balance between cost and quality. Data Analytics helps to reduce the cost of patient care which helps to provide more personalized services. According to the KPMG survey, it was estimated that only 10% of health care […] More

  • How Data Analytics Is Helping Dairy Farms

    How Data Analytics Is Helping Dairy Farms

    Do you know Data Analytics plays a prominent role in Dairy production rates? Use of data analytics not only yield financial benefits but for improving the health of animals thereby improving milk yield. Integrated dairy farm of Mid Valley Foods demonstrated this. All the records about health, breeding, individual cow’s milk production, changes in milk […] More

  • A brief guide on Hadoop Data Scientist’s – Things you need to know

    An investigation of in excess of 100 Data Scientists by Paradigm found that just 48% of Data Scientists utilized Hadoop or Flash on their employment while 76% of the Data Scientists said that Hadoop is excessively moderate and requires more exertion on information planning to the program. In spite of this, an ongoing examination by […] More

  • How To Become A successful Python Developer?

    In the present time, internet technology and software system move the world. It is happening in all levels of business, communication, and other services. Since the 1990s, the demand for computer programmers has increased considerably, with software development companies as the top recruiters. Later in 2000, many businesses do need such high-end programmers. This is […] More

  • Is Advanced Analytics the Next Logical Step Beyond Self-Serve Business Intelligence?

    Many organizations have grown comfortable with their business intelligence solution, and find it difficult to justify the need for advanced analytics. The advantages of advanced analytics are numerous and those advantages are based on the ability to further improve the business, increase user adoption (and therefore user empowerment and accountability) and, best of all, improve […] More

  • What is Automated Machine Learning – AutoML

    What is Automated Machine Learning? Quite simply, it is the means by which your business can optimize resources, encourage collaboration and rapidly and dependably distribute data across the enterprise and use that data to predict, plan and achieve revenue goals. With the right tools, today’s average business user can become a Citizen Data Scientist, using data […] More

  • Why is NLP Important to Enterprise Analytics?

    The impact of natural language processing (NLP) on the productivity and decision quality within an organization cannot be overstated. As simplified search analytics expands into all corners of the enterprise, the business can expect business users to embrace advanced analytics and, in so doing, to become more of an asset to the organization. The Gartner […] More

  • How Analytics Insures The Insurance Industry?s

    Insurance industry requires plenty of information to stay competitive among their peers. For your insurance business the next generation data solutions can help you collect and process huge amounts of the data in something very actionable intelligence. The insurance companies have got no physical products for managing and manufacturing. In this scenario, the data from […] More

  • How Data Scientists add value to your Business Organization?

    Cutting-edge technology can be converted to actionable insights with the help of an expert. Today, more and more organizations are using the Big Data to increase its value and to produce more meaningful insights. Big data can process a large amount of data effectively. It is a well-known fact that modern businesses are using a […] More

  • 9 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Know About Data Science

    In this data-driven era, a chunk of data is producing from multifarious devices. A plethora of statistics has claimed that 2.5 million terabytes of data are generated every single day from 6 billion devices. By 2020, more devices will be connected and it is estimated that nearly 30 million terabytes of data will generate every […] More

  • 10 data science platforms that cash analytics code

    The data science platforms now have become a very important tool for any enterprises who aspire to scale high on their frontiers. The data science platform essentially is the software hub over which all functionalities of data science like data integration and exploration from different coding, sources, and model building are done. These platforms are […] More

  • Data analytics

    Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics

    87% of enterprises trust that Big Data Analytics has the capability to redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years, as indicated in a study carried out by Accenture and General Electric. The same study also reports that 89% of enterprises believe that those not adopting Big Data Analytics strategy in […] More

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