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Unravel Data is co-founded by Dr Shivnath Babu, and Kunal Agarwal. Shivnath, CTO of Unravel Data and tenured professor of Computer Science at Duke University, wrote the first lines of code that eventually became Unravel. He continues to research on the ease-of-use and manageability of data-intensive systems, automated problem diagnosis, and cluster-sizing for applications running on cloud platforms.

Kunal, CEO of Unravel Data, has led sales and implementation of Oracle products at several Fortune 100 organizations and helped Sun Microsystems run its Grid Computing Engine. He started his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding, a pioneer in e-commerce personalization. Kunal is the one behind building the world class culture at Unravel Data.

What is the USP of Unravel Data?

The Unravel Data Platform is the first data observability and FinOps/cost-governance platform that unlocks both performance and cost efficiencies needed to achieve speed, scale, and ROI for data analytics and AI products. Unravel provides data observability, optimization, and cost governance for cloud data platforms. Unravel provides data observability that monitors data flows and performance issues with data workloads and pipelines, AI-driven recommendations to optimize code for cost and performance efficiencies, and provide guardrails and alerts to ensure effective cost governance.

Unravel is built around platform-specific, purpose-built AI that is trained to understand all the intricacies and complexities of each specific cloud data platform, thereby offering separate products for Databricks, Google Cloud BigQuery, Snowflake, and Amazon EMR. At Unravel’s core is an AI-powered Insights Engine, which has been built to ingest and interpret the continuous millions of ongoing data streams to provide pipeline performance and cost-optimization recommendations on the job, user, project, query, warehouse (Snowflake) level.

How does Unravel Data help large enterprises save money on cloud cost?

Cloud data spending has skyrocketed leading to cloud cost overruns. Most companies have no way to see the rising cloud data costs prior to being invoiced and even then, the cloud vendors don’t provide the level of detail needed to manage costs. They lack visibility into the levers and the necessary prescriptions for controlling spend.

Unravel Data offers a new approach to taming cloud data costs, bringing FinOps to the modern data stack with a data observability platform. This simplifies and accelerates each phase of the FinOps lifecycle–from observability to optimization and governance and enables companies to efficiently manage cloud data spend.

What are the latest trends and challenges in FinOps

As cloud adoption continues to expand steadily, the significance of FinOps practices in efficiently managing and enhancing cloud cost management has escalated. Keeping up with the trend, businesses are now expected to continually mature their FinOps practices, as the focus has shifted from basic cost tracking to accurate cost allocation and advanced optimization techniques.

In 2024, FinOps trends are going to revolve around the successful management of cloud data expenses preemptively. Cloud data costs “winners” will be data leaders who are proactively thinking about (and addressing) their data cost ROI. This means implementing the proper guardrails to identify and correct bad code in the development stage before it makes it into production. It makes more sense to buy a fire extinguisher for your house when you’re building your house rather than when the house is on fire.

A significant challenge the FinOps space faces currently is owed to the elasticity of the cloud. It is possible that the most experienced data teams spin up more cloud cost than planned as there is too much code, orchestration, and data for humans to go through and rectify. Without visibility into the specific query, line of code, configuration, and overall infrastructure, workloads tend to go off the rails and lead to massive cloud bills, posing a huge challenge for FinOps teams.

How does Unravel leverage AI in its products

Unravel leverages AI and automation to provide real-time, user-level spend reporting, code-level cost optimization tips, and automated spend controls designed to empower and unify DataOps and FinOps teams. With Unravel, data teams can monitor data flows through their pipelines, and detect code, configuration, and infrastructure issues.

By correlating and analyzing the full stack of telemetry metadata, Unravel provides easy-to-understand insights, actionable recommendations, and automation to optimize performance and cost before costs show up on an invoice.

Please describe your FinOps platform and its value to users

The Unravel Data’s FinOps platform is the first cost governance and data observability product with an AI-powered Insights Engine that provides recommendations to make smarter decisions that optimize cloud data spend. It automatically and continuously extracts the millions of contextualized granular details from logs, traces, metrics, events and other metadata across a customer’s entire data stack from the application down to infrastructure.

This extensive visibility into users, projects, jobs, applications, and pipelines, enables data teams to quickly spot and the platform-specific AI-driven insights engine provides recommendations on the code level for optimizing code for cost governance. Users can define budgets, thresholds and automated guardrails to identify inefficient queries and code in real time before they affect downstream workloads, project ROI, and business KPIs.

How does Unravel help modern data stacks and support major cloud platforms?

Modern data teams need to go beyond data observability and leverage AI optimization and automated governance to reduce the time and effort required to deliver value and accelerate business results.

Unravel data with its tight integration with cloud providers and data platforms, such as Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon EMR, Google Cloud BigQuery, provides visibility at the query level, job level, user level, and project level to eliminate the guesswork of finding costly issues. Unravel’s Cost 360 feature lets enterprises allocate costs, implement showback/chargeback, better understand trends, set and track budgets, cost-optimize jobs, and manage spend in real-time.

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