Data Processing as a path to success: real life examples

Data Processing as a path to success: real life examples 1

In this article, you will learn about advances that would not be possible without data analysis and data science consulting. After all, big data is not just a fashionable concept, but a serious tool that gives a significant advantage in business.

Data Processing as a path to success: real life examples 2

JPMorgan Chase

One of the largest and oldest financial conglomerates in the world is no longer able to do without big data. Without the ability to make high-quality forecasts, the successful operation of such organizations is simply impossible. And JPMorgan Chase was the first to start paying attention to big data. The company is constantly processing and analyzing colossal volumes of a wide variety of information. This allows you to timely identify various microtrends and consumer sentiment, build long-term and short-term forecasts, and conduct the most complex research. What used to take weeks and months is now done literally in a matter of minutes.

Otto Group

A German catalog trading company collects at least 11GB of information every day, which then needs to be analyzed in the most careful way. For this, the NeuroBayes tool developed by Blue Yonder is used. With his help, you can always be aware of the latest trends, notice the slightest changes in the mood of customers. Without such information, it is simply impossible to compile up-to-date catalogs that will be really interesting for customers. Big data has allowed Otto Group to significantly reduce costs, increase efficiency and profitability.

By the way, NeuroBayes is used not only in the business world. This tool is also used for scientific research, for example, by physicists from CERN and the laboratory. Fermi.

YO! Sushi

The restaurant business is one of those industries in which data analytics is extremely important. And the example of YO! Sushi is a perfect confirmation of this. Her team collects a wide variety of data each morning from dozens of restaurants around the world. They are processed using Cognos Business Intelligence software from IBM. The results allow not only to identify the causes of failures in time, but also to make successful forecasts for the future. Thus, the company is able to predict lulls in a timely manner, when there is no need for a large number of personnel and urgent purchases, as well as unexpected bursts of visitor activity. YO! Sushi was created recently, in 1997, and its management is confident that success is largely due to the ability to work with data correctly.


The automaker collects almost any information related to their cars, competitors and customers. This allows you to optimize supply chains, improve sales, and analyze the market. But the matter is not limited to this, a significant share of such information will soon be the data provided by the cars themselves. New Ford models will constantly interact with their owner and manufacturer via cellular networks. At the same time, dozens of sensors from one car can generate up to 250 GB per hour. This field-based data will enable the company to conduct valuable research that will result in improved service, improved product quality, and more.


The American health insurance company is also actively engaged in all sorts of research, which includes the processing of huge amounts of data. After all, the company has almost 20 million customers alone. But information is still being collected from doctors, hospitals, and various laboratories. Thanks to these data, the company managed to significantly improve the efficiency of its activities. They are also used to improve patient care and in the fight against various diseases.

Service Kayak

Every day, tens of thousands of people around the world use Kayak to buy airline tickets, book hotel rooms, rent cars, and more. At the same time, few of them think about the most complex analytical models, without which the normal operation of the service would be simply impossible. By processing millions of requests and receiving a variety of information from third-party sources (such as airlines and travel companies), Kayak is able not only to quickly and efficiently find the necessary data, but also to issue fairly accurate forecasts about changes in airfare. Without the use of big data, this service would never have become so popular.

Germany national football team

And in conclusion, I would like to tell an equally interesting story that is not directly related to business. The German national team managed to win the 2014 World Cup largely thanks to the analysis of big data. During the championship, the Germans used the Match Insights application developed by the German Football Association (DBF) together with SAP. Information about the players and their opponents was collected using 8 cameras located in the stadium. Receiving a huge amount of data about each individual player, the application evaluated their performance by issuing various forecasts and graphs. All this information was equally valuable for both the coach and the athletes. While Match Insights is still in development, this app has managed to make a significant impact on the German team’s victory.

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