Data Recovery Made Easier

Data Recovery Made Easier 1

In today’s times, data is being created and modified constantly. With most of the world organizations dealing with data all the time, it has become a significant factor. Due to the importance of data, it is necessary that there is a backup at all times, in case any of this data is lost or deleted.

The best type of backup that can allow you to avoid such situations are data recovery software. These software are used to recover all sorts of files and folders, in case they are lost due to system crash, hard disk failure, hard drive crash, OS failure, partition loss, virus attacks, corrupted files or even human errors.

Recovering all files type

One data recovery software, which can be efficiently used for this job is the EaseUS Data recovery software. It is one of the best software available online, as it can recover all sort of files types, such as documents, compressed, video, music etc. It can efficiently and effectively recover the data by deploying simplified procedures and advanced search algorithms. The data can be recovered within three simple clicks.

In order to recover the data, you must download the software from the official website of the company. Once the software is downloaded, the system will automatically analyse all the devices connected.

Initiating the search process

By clicking on a device, you can initiate the search in that particular device. The software completes the search in two phases, which are quick scan mode and deep scan mode. The quick scan mode aims at delivering fast results, within a few minutes. It sweeps over the memory and searches for all recently deleted files and presents them in the result page. The user can either recover them or proceed onto the deep scan mode.

The deep scan mode automatically starts as the quick scan mode results are displayed. It searches even deeper into the memory for files that had ever been lost in the past. It also searches for inaccessible, hidden and system files. It is advanced in nature, as it searches for data remnants present in the memory, left behind by lost files. By recompiling them, the original file is constructed. It takes more time than the initial scan mode.

Recovering the results

Data Recovery Made Easier 2

Once the searching process finishes, the result page is displayed by the recovery software. On this page, you may recover the results one by one or multiple results at once, with a single click. The results can be filtered and sorted, according to user preference. If you wish to recover the same files at a later data, you may also export the results. A strong feature offered here is the preview feature, which allows the user to view the contents of the file, before even recovering it. This is particularly useful in cases where the user is not sure about the file name, and wishes to recover based on the contents. Even audio and video files can be displayed before they are finally recovered.

Written by Michael Smith

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