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Debunking five digital marketing myths around Big Data

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Big data helps you take the right decisions in real-time processing huge amount of data without any hassle as long as you feed the machine learning process with enough data- this is by and large the mythic definition of big data. Digital marketers go by these myths and go on to propound further strategies based on these myths which lead to complete debacle often. So, is the statement entirely false or partially true?

The statement is true and the definition is absolutely correct, but only in parts. True, big data helps you take the right decisions, only if you are doing right things with the data. True, it does real-time processing only if you feed the right kind of structured and refined data. But, the conditions mentioned here need to be fulfilled too to make sure that the statement have some veracity.

Programmatic advertisement can solve anything

Marketers believe in a strange myth- if you advertise in a targeted and programmed manner, you can sell anything. Well, while it may sound cool, it is hardly the truth because advertising is not just about filling every visible space up with your company’s logo and message. Rather, it is about saying the right things in the right slot instead of putting people to the point of irritation.Debunking five digital marketing myths around Big Data

It is precisely the issue with most automated advertisements where they pop with texts, images and various other combinations in unnecessary and unwanted places, thus providing visibility at the cost of irksome consumers. Hence, such technology is hardly helpful if you do not device a proper strategy to make sure that you are targeting the right sites and right positions to gain attention. So, change your strategy now if you are still clinging on to the old practice.

Data is everything- forget everything else

The problem of statement is that it can over cross the border of stating and start overstating after a point. With too many things being written, spoken or discussed about data, some companies have assumed that giving all the priority to data will lead to a well formed business. Of course, no one is denying its utility, but it is not everything by any means. A good product is defined by the quality of the content and its proper marketing and it has nothing to do with data initially.

While you do require the market scenario data to develop the product, it is something elementary unlike anything that these companies believe data to be. Such is also the attitude towards cookies that cookies can lead you to big data glory. However, most people hardly get their hands on first party cookies on which analytics depend upon. Third party cookies don’t even provide reliable tracking data by the farthest margin so basically it will lead to a marketing disaster.

App and social media is the focus- forget website

This is another dangerous myth that marketers try to propound and you should strictly avoid anyone who tries to give you this advice. Mobile devices rule more than 50% of the internet traffic but most definitely they are not everything. Mobile websites and desktops are still widely used and they do matter as a user percentage in the long run. So, in this exodus to gain unknown customers, you may end up losing loyal and long term customers.

Social media marketing is the new hoopla : that has obsessed marketing experts for some time now. However, social media visibility does not translate directly into product development or product sales precisely because it is only a part of the media activity of common people. Rather, website is one of the main avenues to enhance customer experience since people will arrive at the website through social media

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