Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars by Lex Fridman

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Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars ( latest version 2018 ).It’s an introduction to the practice of deep learning through the applied theme of building a self-driving car.

Instructors are working on devoloping cars that understand environment inside and outside the car.

Terminologies used in the lecture:

  • DL = NN (Deep Learning = Neural Nets).
  • DL is a subset of ML (Machine Learning).
  • MLP: Multi layer Perceptron.
  • DNN: Deep Neural Networks.
  • RNN: Recurrent Neural Networks.
  • LSTM: Long Short Term Memory.
  • CNN: Convolutinal Neural Networks.
  • DBN: Deep Belief Networks.

Lex Fridman Profile ::
I’m a postdoc at MIT, working on deep learning in the context of semi-autonomous vehicles, driver state sensing, scene perception, motion control and planning.


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