Deep Learning Talk by Experts At Stanford University

Deep Learning Talk by Experts At Stanford University

How Deep Learning is being used by top companies, Here from the industry experts in this video series

List of Speakers

1. Foundations of Deep Learning Hugo Larochelle, Twitter
2. Deep Learning for Computer Vision Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI
3. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Richard Socher, Salesforce
4. TensorFlow Tutorial Sherry Moore, Google Brain
5. Foundations of Unsupervised Deep Learning Ruslan Salakhutdinov, CMU
6. Nuts and Bolts of Applying Deep Learning Andrew Ng
7. Deep Reinforcement Learning John Schulman, OpenAI
8. Theano Tutorial Pascal Lamblin, MILA
9. Deep Learning for Speech Recognition Adam Coates, Baidu
10. Torch Tutorial Alex Wiltschko, Twitter
11. A sequence to Sequence Deep Learning Quoc Le, Google
12. Foundations and Challenges of Deep Learning Yoshua Bengio


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