Delhi to get AI regulated traffic management

Delhi to get AI regulated traffic management 1

The Delhi Traffic Police is planning to give employment to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) in the streets of Delhi.

This new development plan is an initiative taken by the authorities to reduce congestion and facilitate faster vehicular movement in the national capital, which is a huge matter of concern.

As per the new system, officials, which is based on ML (machine language) and AI (artificial intelligence), would be critical in allowing speedy access to emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks.

The AI-powered traffic management system will be able to manage the entire traffic signal and make decisions that relate to traffic lights.

As mentioned by the Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic Headquarters-II) SK Singh, they are assigned the 8 months for the project, and the first project report must be prepared after surveying the traffic at 42 junctions to cover 1,200 signals and 600 blinkers. This report has to be submitted in November this year.

The department had promised an agreement with the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) for an integrated traffic management system, and the respective assignment has been allocated to a consulting firm.

Moreover, in this new AI-enabled traffic management system, a green channel will be included to make the movement easier for emergency vehicles.

Prior to this, Chandigarh officials have also released their future plans in accordance with adopting a similar AI-powered system to ease the traffic conditions in the region.

Delhi’s traffic management system will also be linked with each and every municipally controlled parking area to notify vehicles of available parking spaces before arriving at the event.

The system can look for updates on the Municipality Corporation of Delhi’s mobile application, which will ultimately generate a pop-up message. The step will be linked with Google maps.

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