Delhi Unveils Startup Policy, Aims to Support 15K New Ventures

By Sunil Sonkar
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Delhi Unveils Startup Policy, Aims to Support 15K New Ventures

Delhi’s Industries Department has launched an innovative startup policy to nurture 15,000 startups by 2030. A key feature under it is the provision of collateral-free loans and free guidance from experts such as chartered accountants to empower startups and reshape the entrepreneurial landscape in the capital.


The Delhi government is backing startups and college students with a new startup portal. They are also set to launch the Dilli Bazar portal that will connect around 10,000 vendors with customers, nationally as well as globally.

However, the government’s vision goes beyond mere numbers. They want to get more than 100,000 shops in Delhi to join the Dilli Bazaar website in the next six months. This ambitious move is set to transform the traditional shopping experience by enabling businesses to maintain a digital storefront accessible 24/7. People can check out Delhi’s famous local markets on this online store. It will make easier for shoppers and help new businesses.

The Delhi government is also working to improve the Shahdara district, which is known for its grain market, alongside these big changes. This work goes along with the ‘District as Export Hub Scheme,’ which aims to pick, promote and brand special products from every district. The goal is to find products that can be sold abroad to boost manufacturing and exports in cities. This plan will help businesses connected to the chosen product grow, adding to Delhi’s overall progress and wealth.

The Delhi government’s innovative startup policy, along with the Dilli Bazaar platform, is poised to transform the city’s entrepreneurial landscape. By nurturing 15,000 startups through collateral-free loans and expert guidance and connecting numerous shops to a 24/7 digital storefront, Delhi’s economic future is on the brink of substantial change.

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