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Delivers Actionable Insights to industry leaders - Intellicus Technologies 1

Intellicus is a business intelligence and data analytics platform, services and solutions provider for enterprises and offers embedded BI capabilities for software vendors. The end-to-end, full stack platform delivers the power of actionable insights to industry leaders. Intellicus’ self-serve analytics and dashboards assist business users in making data-driven decisions through end-to-end data integration, OLAP, multi-dimensional data warehouses and auto ML/AI based what-if predictions. 


Proudly made in India, Intellicus Technologies has partnered with 17,000+ Enterprises, ISVs and SMEs since 2004. Over half the Fortune 100 companies in the BPO, Healthcare, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Human Resources and Logistics use Intellicus for data they can trust. The companies which rely on Intellicus BI include Patanjali, Amrutanjan, Micro focus, Hyland, Honeywell, PTC and many others.

Intellicus, also has its own platform for workforce management solution named “FLOW”. Intellicus Flow, the new age WFM solution, brings the best of Auto ML, AI and Cloud technologies to omni-channel forecasting, planning and optimizing workforces. With Flow, match the right agent with the right skills at the right time for every customer interaction.  FLOW helps BPMs plan to overcome real-world complexities so that they never have to face a crisis. With ML, plan the right number and type of shifts to control leakages without the tedious manual work. FLOW is also serving several customers which includes: 1 Point 1, Conneqt Business Solution and Hexaware.

Few words about Mr. Kavindra M. Singh, Director of Engineering, Intellicus technologies

Kavindra Singh has more than 18 years of experience of working in companies like Kanbay, Intellicus, Kyvos and Patanjali. He is a solution expert on implementing analytics in FMCG domain. He started career as a COBOL programmer with Kanbay Inc. Soon he moved to Intellicus to work as Java programmer and was leading the UI team. At Patanjali he was responsible for implementation of analytics platform across the verticals in both Patanjali Ayurved and Patanjali Foods.

  • What are the important areas where data analytics and business intelligence play a pivotal role in FMCG sector?

Data Analytics help FMCG companies to gain a competitive advantage by helping them with effective management of day-to-day operations ranging from inventory to customer retention and loyalty.

  1. Inventory optimization:

Intellicus as a BI provider helps FMCG companies get insights into critical performance drivers like service levels, asset utilization and inventory. It helps in enhancing efficiency and workforce effectiveness by escalating long on shelf life for inventory. With the help of Intellicus BI FMCG companies can rebalance inventory between raw materials VS work in progress VS finished product.

  1. Price and promotion analytics:

With Intellicus BI FMCG companies can leverage the power of price and promotion analytics through identifying those key brands which are helping in category growth. Also, it helps optimize trade spends across categories in the portfolio.

  1. Leveraging analytics to increase customer retention and loyalty

Intellicus BI and data analysis provides first insight and possibly pinpoint client segments that are most prone to churn. predictive churn modelling in data analytics can then be used to identify the clients most at danger of leaving, determine which clients are most likely to leave, and provide targeted insights on the precise retention measures that should be taken.

In a fraction of the time, it would take to report straight from a data source, FMCG companies can maximize the value of their company data by investing in a business intelligence (BI) solution. Because consumer goods companies frequently deal with quickly shifting inventory, Intellicus BI is a perfect fit because it gives users access to the most recent information through any device including mobile phones. By doing so, companies can view current trends and explore current data while they are on the go.

How Intellicus as a BI tool provider is making giant strides in the FMCG sector?

FMCG companies have battled to fight for brand awareness and to acquire a presence in new emerging channels like the e-commerce sector while huge retailers and small sustainable enterprises continue to emerge. FMCG companies can also visualize patterns of customer purchasing habits to provide the finest experiences and goods in this crowded industry.

The market for FMCG is evolving more quickly than anticipated. Consumers are now well-informed and aware of the options accessible to them in the market thanks to omnichannel sales and marketing, which makes it challenging for businesses to forecast consumer behaviour.

FMCG manufacturers can obtain anticipatory insights into consumer behaviour by automating reporting processes and using AI-driven business intelligence offered by Intellicus. Deeper understanding enables FMCG firms to better target R&D spending, boost marketing efficiency, and increase supply chain effectiveness.

Intellicus offers granular business intelligence solutions to FMCG sector in assisting organizations in tracking operational efficacy, managing costs in real-time, and controlling budgets. With the help of Intellicus BI platform, companies can increase customer satisfaction, improve business decisions, and lower overall costs. Additionally, Intellicus offers continuing BI support to ensure that the organization continues to benefit from this wise investment. 

Intellicus is evolving the legacy of various FMCG businesses by managing their logistics. Please explain how?

The FMCG process relies heavily on the supply chain and the availability of stock is a key deciding element for industry stakeholders. By giving stakeholders actual data analysis rather than relying on guessing, Intellicus BI can be incorporated to optimize the supply chain process from start to finish, ensuring that the company’s product is always in stock.  

Intellicus BI helps the FMCG companies with effective and efficient management of logistics with the help of accurate supply chain analytics. It helps minimize stockouts with the help of route and shipment scheduling. The supply chain analytics function of Intellicus BI helps develop effective vendor management and collaboration along with the agile demand fulfillment.

 Intellicus has deployed data integration and analytics solution for Patanjali Ayurved. The platform currently unifies diverse data from over 5000 databases into a centralized data warehouse and provides ready dashboards and reports to different users across the organization. The company operates over 2000 SKUs, 4000 direct stores and 450000 tertiary outlets. They wanted to consolidate sales performance reporting and streamline order management from all sales avenues. They wanted a solution that could tie all the loose ends together to give them robust, automated reporting on key business operations and help in identifying the right direction for their manufacturing operations.

Patanjali Ayurved had a huge supply chain with a humongous amount of data. Therefore, it is not feasible to process this data in a traditional way for a long time. That’s where Intellicus BI has brought a major change by being able to use geo analytics to merge delivery networks and streamline the delivery network. The company was able to proactively spot risks in the supply chain system and mitigate them in time.

What is the role of Emerging technologies in the FMCG sector

The days of FMCG companies attracting and keeping customers based on antiquated marketing strategies and prior experiences are long gone. Enterprises require a deeper understanding of consumers’ wants, interests, and creative ways to keep them involved in the ever-changing business landscape of today.

Employing the industry’s best practices for business intelligence in the FMCG sector enables organizations to make the most of all the data at their disposal and to predict consumer requests and behavior. By using BI capabilities, FMCG companies can maximize all of the data at their disposal and generate predictive insights for quick and effective decision-making. Deeper consumer insights put FMCG companies in a better position to refocus R&D spending and resource allocation, boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and increase supply chain efficiency.

The FMCG market now has a more complicated component because to greater trade consolidation and competition, new growth opportunities, and sales channels, as well as the pressing need for an effective supply chain and cost optimization. Due to which the FMCG organizations must create and use a potent combination of technology, business intelligence, and results management in order to compete in this climate.

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