Dell and Microsoft expand partnership through VMware


Microsoft and Dell Technologies have explained their collaboration by providing a VMWare cloud infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Dell which also owns a majority stake in the software visualization firm VMWare. Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing platform.

“At Microsoft, we’re focused on empowering customers in their digital transformation journey, through partnerships that enable them to take advantage of the Microsoft cloud, using the technologies they already have,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Nadella also revealed that the VMWare and Dell collaboration would also give mutual customers an integrated cloud experience with the digital workplace solution that would also help them to meet some of the evolving needs. Dell and Microsoft VMWare had also stuck with some of the similar partnership with the Amazon Web Services users were given access to the VMWare software.

The Active directory of the Azure is a Microsoft cloud-based identity and access management service, while on the other hand, Intune is the company cloud-based service in the enterprise mobility management segment that also acts as a security layer for the devices.

VMWare also revealed that it would also extend some of the capabilities of the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop using the VMware Horizon Cloud Platform on the Microsoft Azure.

“Our goal is to provide a single view from edge to core to cloud – an integrated platform for our customers’ digital future,” said Michael Dell, chairman, and chief executive officer of Dell Technologies.

VMWare and Microsoft are further also exploring some of the new initiatives for some of the integration between the Azure and VMware Infrastructure, a few of which could be an Azure Networking and VMware NSX and integration of some of the specific Azure services with the solution of the VMWare management.


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