Dell Fosters Inclusive Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in India

Dell Fosters Inclusive Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in India 1

Dell has launched a new Dell Women Entrepreneur Network and in collaboration with the Springboard enterprises, which is hosted by a women funding women global event for the first time in Bangalore today. The event featured a network of investors, influencers and innovators who are dedicated to building high growth companies led by the women.

Dell already has a long-standing commitment to connecting women entrepreneurs with access to capital, support women empowerment community, networks and technology to grow their business.. By just simply conducting these regional events, Dell hopes that women across the globe will have much more opportunity to be a part of the formal economy and contribute to peaceful economic development within their region and communities.

The session brought together women from within Dell EMC, and beyond to present on topics including milestones, challenges, and other realities faced by women in their entrepreneurial journey. Ms. Bharati Jacob, Founder & Partner, Seedfund, Subhra Chadda – Co-founder, Chumbak, Shabari Raje, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Find Me A Shoe, Ranjana Nair, Co-Founder & CEO, Ray IoT Solutions and Shruti Sinha, Co-Founder & COO, Rehash Technologies, were the key participants.

“Women’s entrepreneurship rates rose globally by 13 percent in 2017, reflecting the broader momentum of increased female representation across the public and private sectors in many regions around the world. However, access to capital and technology, as well as cultural and political barriers, continue to limit the success of women-owned businesses,” said Ingrid Devin, Director, DWEN. “Our mission is to empower women across the globe by removing barriers to entrepreneurship, accelerating positive change that allows them to thrive.”

“At Dell, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative and is supported by multiple initiatives. Bringing DWEN to India is an opportunity to foster a transformational environment for women entrepreneurs in the country. The platform provided by DWEN enables women entrepreneurs to learn from each other, to support each other and foster the growth of this community. Recognizing the unique challenges and leveraging this platform to convert them into opportunities, will certainly help accelerate their representation within India’s startup ecosystem,” said Sheenam Ohrie, Vice President, Enterprise, Data and Mobility Engineering, Dell Digital.

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