How to develop an internet of things strategy

How to develop internet of things strategy

Since the very beginning of the age of internet, the internet of opportunities have been providing huge possibilities for budding enterprises everywhere. It also has great scope for further development and enrichment towards newer areas. The firm called Gartner has carried out a research which produces results that show that by the year 2020 in the future the number of devices on the internet of things would be close to 2020. The different product as well as service suppliers on the internet of things would generate a revenue close to three hundred billion and more.

Bringing Together the Opportunity

This shows that there is a specific role of artificial intelligence on emotions. There is a great opportunity that has to be leveraged successfully. It brings together various different sensors, cloud storage and connectivity, analytic, processing as well as machine learning in order to make transformations to business models as well as different processes. All of this requires a plan. John Rossman was available for comment on the project.

According to him, all his life he was responsible for estimating and planning many different projects. He also spent years launching and then running the Market place business program by Amazon. According to him, it is necessary to ask questions before one thinks of getting the answers to them. Also, it is necessary to not only think about these questions but to understand them as well. The easiest way to guild a team for attaining success in complex projects and roles is to understand the different steps and roles of the job at hand.

Understanding the Requirement

The first thing to do, even before the hardware as well as the software designs have been finalized and before one tries to figure out the easiest way to engage the attention of some developers, it is necessary to focus on a set of questions. Rossman also speaks of three different phases in the process of building a successful strategy for the internet of things. He presents these steps in a chronological manner. However, some of the steps are also taken concurrently when it comes to the practice of these steps. Hence, the entire process can be approached in a different manner completely. It becomes easier to understand the role of artificial intelligence on emotions from a better understanding of these few steps.

Developing and Articulating

Rossman says that the very first step must begin with narrowing down and then prioritizing the options which are available at hand. The internet of things provides one with a great range of options. The success of the project depends on the overall understanding of the market that has been targeted. The options that are available must be evaluated with the various opportunities with much deliberation as well as attacking the correct place in the process. The first step should begin with a proper analysis of the landscape. The industry and the competitors should be understood carefully. The strengths and weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats are essential factors in understanding the market. It also helps to see the forces and the trends which are at play in the market.

Value Chain Analysis

According to Rossman it is extremely necessary to create a value chain as well as a landscape analysis for the market. The basic questions to understand include what people are saying about the industry of the internet of things, where customers are getting frustrated at, what data or event is shaping the overall experience when it comes to customers and the sensor or the opportunity that is providing the data in case of the internet of things. The very next step should be in trying to create a value chain analysis. It should be followed by a proof pool analysis of the industry in which the work is being done. This should provide a broader view of the industry. Tunnel visions are never helpful when it comes to work.


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