Developing Analytics Startups in India in 2019

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Developing Analytics Startups in India in 2019 1

India begins to highlight its spontaneous growth and development in the number of analytics startups over the previous counting years. From the mentioned earlier year, numerous analytics startups have been covered that are functioning in the areas of healthcare, fashion, real estate, agriculture, facilitating lending decisions, emotional intelligence, voice-based solutions, hybrid TV powered by Artificial Intelligence and much more. This initiate brings us the fact that India has developed as a startup nation, with a robust ecosystem permitting the startup founders and professionals to bring across the innovative solutions in advanced analytics and give a head-start to their ventures. Here is the disclosure to 5 of the developing and protruding startups of the nation.



The startup was founded by Jonathan Matus and Pankaj Risbood who were colleagues at Google, Facebook and Walmart Labs. This startup requires data and analytics-based solutions for analysing drivers’ behavior, predict road risks and reduce collisions. The company has analysed 160-billion miles of driving data in order to prevent lives and money for fleet management firms, insurance companies, and customers.

It has further built a neoteric AI-powered technology platform for fleet businesses, automobile companies, insurance firms and consumers to contribute active insights about driving behaviour on the road, ensuring a safe and reliable drive. Zendrive presents a driver, behavior analytics solution to customers. The startup’s mobile-based SDK product detects and analyses driving events like hard braking, rapid acceleration, over-speeding, hard turns and risky phone use. Further its algorithms then, use these events to compute a safety score for the driver.


vPhrase was founded by Neerav Parekh who brings extensive experience from technology, marketing and finance into this startup. The company’s  AI platform, Phrazor, analyses data, derive insights and then communicates those insights in words and also in multiple languages. vPhrase automates insight and formulates reports using the following products:

•Phrazor is a completely customisable self-service Natural Language Generation platform with functionalities of configuring and generating customisable reports in seconds

•Explorazor is a self-service exploratory tool that helps in analysing uploaded data based on all major analysis frameworks

•Explorazor generates insights, detects outliers and anomalies and provides an in-depth analysis of the data provided

•BI Dashboard Plugin adds management commentary to your dashboards on Tableau, Power BI or Qlik. It helps to make these dashboards easier to understand and act upon.


The startup locates problems across the entire cycle of analytics that includes prescriptive, predictive and cognitive. Some of the examples of the value delivered by the analytics team for customers include:

•Improved short-term demand forecast by building a ‘Demand Sensing Platform’ for a Global Personal Care major

•ML Approach to Production Planning; Reduced 60% Man-Hours & improved planning forecast accuracy to 94% for a global CPG player

•ML approach to exception-based planning impacted 50% reduction in the S&OP man hours

•ML approach to ‘right’ thinking on outlet prioritisation & BTL spend allocation for a global Alco-Bev player


Spoonshot founded by Sai Sreenivas Kodur(ex Zomato) and Kishan Vasani(ex Just Eat) is a way to personalized startup. Spoonshot (formerly known as dishq) was founded in 2015 aiming to build a personalized food discovery app for the Indian market. Dishq(a combination of dish and ishq) concentrates towards shifting food while ordering away from ratings and reviews, towards a more visual and emotionally driven decision.

They improved the name to Spoon shot at the time when they assured to pivot to a B2B audience and have an international focus. The startup further uses food science to extrapolate novel and relevant insights, personalised to every customer. Their methodology is highlighted towards unveiling clouded product innovation opportunities by surfacing early signals for novel and emerging ingredient combinations. To develop and enhance, their analysis gives decision-makers the quantitative confidence they need to motivate them to act faster.


Originally began as ‘Arima Research’ in 2014, it operates under the brand name of Pisquare. Pisquare shakes hands with organisations to transform their decision-making ecosystem with the right mix of strategic planning backed by analytical insight. Further using a combination of analytics and visualisation they are developing a spring board for businesses to stretch its hands towards the next level of performance. They have also been connecting with clients across the world to optimise their customer engagement, supply chain, marketing & sales, delivery and talent for more aligned and mature performance. Their solutions are broadly structured into the areas of customer analytics, talent analytics and operations in IT/ITES.

Pentation Analytics

Pentation analytics, as an InsurTech and Big Data Analytics company, looks after analytical services to the BFSI industry, with its core product Insurance Analytics Suite. The analytics products by Pentation Analytics are IAS (Insurance Analytics Suite), Pentation Insurance Scores and Quote machine. These products bring forward the use cases such as advanced analytics across the value chain, machine learning based scores at an individual policy level, acquisition through Self-quote generation and more.

Impact Analytics

Impact Analytics brings us the US-headquartered, increasingly developing  analytics firm that is dedicated to serve clients through a synthesis of business consulting, analytics services and products. Impact Analytics endeavours its clients with a set of advanced analytics products and services for data-driven decision making in consumer-facing sectors like CPG, retail, hospitality, banking, sports and gaming. Also, specific solutions centre around looking after deep actionable insights for margin improvements, merchandising optimisation, marketing analytics, customer analytics, operational excellence and AI-based automation solutions.


DataWeave promotes competitive intelligence to e-commerce businesses and digital shelf analytics to consumer brands by aggregating and analysing data from the web at an increasingly higher measurements. The company’s AI-powered technology platform facilitates e-commerce businesses to collect more wiser pricing and merchandising decisions to drive benefitting enhancement of the company and consumer brands to govern their online brand presence, optimise their Share of Voice, and improve their e-commerce shelf velocity.

DataWeave hits SaaS-based output suites called Retail Intelligence and Brand Analytics that furthers the companies to prevent their brand equity online and optimise the experience delivered to shoppers on e-commerce websites. Popular use cases involve monitoring and resolving minimum advertised price (MAP) violations, detecting counterfeit product listings, tracking and improving the share of voice of online promotions, optimizing their digital shelf velocity, and much more. DataWeave also steps forward to provide investment firms and hedge funds with Retail Alternative Data, that enables them to accept data-driven buy or sell ranks in the market.

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