Dhoni Dives into Fitness Entrepreneurship with Startup Tagda Raho Investment

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Dhoni Dives into Fitness Entrepreneurship with Startup Tagda Raho Investment

Cricket maestro Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken a step off the cricket pitch and onto the fitness stage with his recent investment in Tagda Raho, a Bengaluru-based fitness startup. The exact investment figure remains unknown but the goal is clear. It is all about making India healthier and matches Dhoni’s commitment to staying fit.

What’s Tagda Raho all about? It is a fitness plan that mixes traditional Indian exercise with modern methods. The investment is not just about money, but a clever move to get more people in India into fitness.

Dhoni liked Tagda Raho because it mixes old Indian workout stuff with new ideas – a blend of tradition and modern fitness.

So, what is the workout like? According to Dhoni, it involves dynamic moves, stretching muscles we usually ignore and a focus on building a strong core – not just for fitness fans but also for athletes looking for smart ways to stay fit and injury-free.

Tagda Raho is not just talking the talk. They have already put their fitness program to the test with pro teams like the Lucknow Super Giants, Haryana Steelers and even the National Cricket Academy. Plus, they have got patents for their special workout gear.

Rishabh Malhotra, who came up with Tagda Raho, is excited that Dhoni joined the team. He thinks Dhoni, being a fitness role model, can help make India healthier and showcase our unique fitness style to the world. It is not just about money for them. It is a bigger mission.

With Dhoni’s support, Tagda Raho is eyeing big goals – spreading their fitness hubs across India and even going global. Dhoni is not just endorsing a startup, but he is backing a vision of putting India on the map for fitness.

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