Dhruva Space and Kineis Partner to Deliver IoT Solutions in India by 2025

By Sunil Sonkar
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Dhruva Space and Kineis Partner to Deliver IoT Solutions in India by 2025

Hyderabad-based space engineering solutions provider Dhruva Space has lately announced partnership with French satellite operator and global IoT connectivity provider Kineis. The collaboration is to introduce Kineis IoT connectivity in India.


The partnership will launch a Kineis IoT payload on Dhruva Space’s P-30 satellite and simultaneously embed Kineis’ IoT services into the Indian landscape. Kineis currently has 25-satellite constellation and the collaboration aims to connect any object from anywhere in the world. It will help in transmitting useful data in near real-time.

One of the notable features of the partnership is the planned joint satellite mission. It will enhance the space segment capacity for India. The mission reflects a shared commitment to providing cost-effective, advanced as well as reliable IoT solutions which are specifically tailored for the Indian market.

Dhruva Space highlights some of the benefits of the partnership. It includes risk reduction, anticipation of breakdowns and optimization of activities as well. The advantages highlight practical impact the IoT connectivity can have on various industries. Providing real-time data and insights means businesses can make more informed decisions and simultaneously reduce operational risks. It will improve their efficiency too.

The partnership is a clear indication of how international cooperation can drive technological advancements and abreast to it also bring some economic benefits too.

Kineis IoT services are set to commence after the complete deployment of its satellite constellation in early 2025. The focus thereafter will be on the development as well as large-scale manufacturing of end-user terminals by Dhruva Space. The manufacturing effort is crucial as it will ensure the required hardware is available to support the widespread adoption of IoT services across India.

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