Difference between Altcoins and Bitcoins

Difference between Altcoins and Bitcoins

Bitcoins take the center stage as part of the present-day cryptocurrency technology. However, Altcoins are not lagging behind either. As a matter of fact, Altcoins take things into the next level. Let’s fathom out the truth that lies within. 

When it comes to crypto currency and digital coins, Bitcoins definitely have a glorious presence. However, you might also come across Altcoins in this regard. They both seem to have a dominant appeal in the world of digital currency. 

If you have made up your mind that you would venture into investing in the business of crypto currency, you should understand how things work by delving deep into the core principles of blockchain technology. As a matter of fact, it is going to be the fulcrum of your success in this particular field. 

The emergence of crypto currency is something like a magnum opus event. Both Altcoins and Bitcoins form an integral part of the revolution. While thinking about both these options, one inevitable question always pops up in your mind. The unavoidable question is “Are Altcoins better than Bitcoins?”

So, let’s make a conscious effort to figure out the answer. 


As long as you choose to use the Altcoin variations, you can spare yourself the horror of technical flaws. There is never going to be any such issue like that of a security breach. Altcoins get you covered against such vulnerabilities. 

If you are thinking long term and have your eyes set on future utilities, then Altcoins should be your pick. In terms of niche usage, Altcoins are sending ripples as well. These coins are available in more than 11,000 types or variations. It is to be noted in this connection that all of these variations happen to be enlisted in Coin Market Cap. These alternative coins compile more scaling opportunities, better functionalities and safer transactions. In short, they are perfect for a highly demanding market. 

Altcoin types or variations 

In the present scenario, there are obviously many Altcoin types or variations available in the market. Considering the market value, the following could be some of the best Altcoins which should get you interested in crypto currency. 

  • Stellar Lumens or XLM 
  • BNB or Binance Coin
  • LTC or Litecoin 
  • ETH or Ethereum 
  • USDT or Tether 
  • ADA or Cardano
  • DOT or Polka dot 
  • Chain link 
  • ATOM or Cosmos 


Bitcoins showed up in the market back in the year 2008. The alias name Satoshi Nakamoto happens to be behind the invention of this technology. There are many independent as well as authentic networks which happen to associate with this platform. The actual fulcrum of this technology is to ensure that payments and online transactions keep on going in a neutral as well as secure way.  

Bitcoins happen to be highly conserved as well as  encrypted options. They are supposed to be kept in some block chain wallet or digital wallet. Today Bitcoin stands at an outstanding juncture because it has been able to give birth to a brand new industry. 

According to many miners, Bitcoins happen to be better than other options such as Altcoins. Those, who trade in digital currency or cryptocurrency, would like to think that Bitcoins are comparatively accessible. If you deal with Bitcoins, you are entitled to get the leverage of more merchants as well as exchanges. Moreover, you will also have better software support as well as hardware backup. 

The development ecosystem is really admirable when it comes to Bitcoin. Besides, there will be a whopping amalgamation of the most popular and vital mining equipment varieties which you can count on. 

Altcoins come with flawless blockchain technology which combines smart contracts and a perfect crypto currency networks. Whereas, Bitcoins bring you the most popular as well as oldest technology which is good enough to count on. 

The final thought 

Both Altcoins and Bitcoins happen to be two crucial aspects or parts of the BlockChain technology. If you have to take the leverage out of the technology, you should understand the difference between Altcoins and Bitcoins. Only then you can apply your knowledge and make sure that the core principles of the technology work in your favour. Once you understand the way in which these technologies work, you can be sure to surge to prominence as a trader in this domain.  

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