Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps

Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps 1

Demand for smartphones in emerging with affordable Apps in the market. This is the reason why Google wants to provide the user with a new generation of reasonable Apps. The Aim is to offer such apps that work faster, provides more storage, and help reduce data consumption.

With this brilliant idea, it could allow Google to increase the number of users of its apps and services. However, the fact is not only related to Apps, it is just a part of the equation.

As no one wants to use a horrible smartphone, Google with the number of mobile company wants to offer the user with smartphones, which are not only affordable but also easy to use.

Let’s talk about Android Go

Android Go is also known as Android Oreo (Go edition). Android Go is a stripped-down version of Android which has been reconstructed to provide a better experience on lesser hardware.

When we talk about the operating system used, it is based on Android Oreo. And the best part is, it roughly takes up half the space of Android Nougat (Nougat is all about extending functionality, improving pre-existing features and further expanding what’s possible in stock Android.)

This enhancement offers smartphones with low storage, much space to hold more media and apps out of the box.

Android Go is covering three enhanced areas of the

  • Operating System(OS)
  • Google Play Store
  • Google apps

 There are a few major issues that made Google launched Android Go:

  • To allow the Android run on the phone with 1GB RAM or even less
  • To help the Operating System takes lesser space
  • To let the preinstalled apps, take lesser data and space

With major objectives in mind Google has released a bunch of Android Go apps including Google Go, Files Go, YouTube Go and Maps Go. So let’s see how these Apps are creating any difference and are they worth using or not.

  1. Google Go

Google launched this App with a commitment that it is an enhanced version of regular google. This App works much easier on the internal resources.

Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps 2

With regular counterpart like voice search, maps, GIFS and even Google translate this app has a lot more to explore. The best part is that it comes in a small size as compared to the enormous 166MB size of the regular Google app.

The App offers the user to save a lot of memory on internal size. Apart from it, Google Go App is also supposed to use ways less RAM, so users would be getting a much smoother experience while using their smartphones.

After the feedback of user experience, the Google GO app is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Maps Go

Google Map has always assisted the user with many fascinating features. But Google Go is the lot more than its earlier version.

Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps 3

The best part about this app is its tiny size of 0.09MB. That is totally unparalleled to the regular Google maps app (48 MB size).

Maps Go comes with a huge limitation of the absence of live navigation which is definitely a drawback in many ways. However, it comprises some of the useful and inherited features too. Even in terms of common features that Google Go Maps share with their regular one, is offering the facility of real-time location sharing.

There are features such as the traffic info which will help the user to plan their journey accordingly. The RAM usage, it is significantly efficient than the regular Google maps app. Google Go is the advance version of Google Map, so absolutely go and check it out.

  1. Files Go

File Go is all about the complete package that definitely does not lack any resources in the user’s devices. This app is available at around 40MB size, it might be a little space eater but the user will get rid of a lot of heavy storage problem. The app offers a number of useful features.

Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps 4

Mobile data cards can be cleared out easily that includes low-resolution images, duplicate files, and app. Apart from it also available with an option to uninstall the app that user has not used in a while.

All of that fit into a beautiful package that is Files Go app. This useful Go App helps users to carve out more space on the devices instead of compromising for little space.

  1. Gmail Go

The focus of Gmail Go app is to offer users with features to enjoy the ease and simplicity of Gmail on their phones. It is available in a really small size (24.8 MB).

Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps 4

Thus, this app occupies very much less resource as compared to the regular Gmail app. Talking about the RAM, it uses on an average around 77MB while the regular Gmail app uses over 260 MB.

Gmail Go do not miss any features from the regular Gmail app. Thus user using the same interface won’t miss out on anything like the swipe gestures from the regular Gmail app.

With easy and convenient features users can easily use the Gmail Go app instead of the regular app.

  1. YouTube Go

Google knows that these days’ users are much into videos. Thus, users, who want to consume videos on their phones YouTube Go app is there for them.

Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps 6

It focuses on saving the user’s mobile data and store more data than anything else. When we talk about this particular app, there is a very interesting feature.

YouTube Go provided the option to download or save it for the future purpose. This is something incredible about this App. Users cannot find all the tabs that were there in the regular Youtube app. Apart from that even subscribe the channels in the Youtube Go app is also missing.

But it brings an exclusive feature that users can share downloaded videos with their friends.

The regular YouTube app is 122MB in size but YouTube Go is just under 30MB. Apart from that it also uses about 74MB of RAM on average as compared to regular Youtube 103MB which is amazing.

Wrapping Up…

Google claims about using much less storage than regular apps hold completely true. Google, in preparation for Android Go, offered a package of a number of Go apps. These Go Apps are supposed to be lighter on the resources and also use fewer data to work flawlessly on smartphones.

After the installation of Google Go apps, it is estimated that the regular versions of these apps took up around 500MB of storage while Go variance less than 80MB. Well, it is an amazing and mind-boggling experience at the same time that creates a huge difference between the regular Apps and Android Go Apps.


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