Difference between Wix and squarespace

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Difference between Wix and squarespace 1

Squarespace and Wix are some of the best website builders to create a website. But which one is best to launch your blog or online store?


So, here is a Difference between Wix and squarespace:

1. Editor


In Wix editor, you can easily utilize its absolute positioning approach and even move and drop content anywhere on the page.

While this gives you more number of customization options, it increases the chance for design errors as the text and images get misaligned with each other.

You are creating two sites in the Wix editor, with one being for the mobile and the other for the desktop.

Sometimes, the mobile version of the website will not be satisfactory, and you will also have to generate an additional design.

In Wix, you can also connect to multiple social media accounts to import images, and its editing functionality allows several ranges of filters for your images.


You can remove backgrounds from an image with an auto-cut feature in the Wix, while on the other hand, Squarespace makes for better images optimization across multiple devices.

In Squarespace, you don’t have to deal with the separate desktop and mobile versions of your site with a fully responsive approach to the design template.

While on the other hand, Squarespace offers four levels of heading options (H1-h4), Wix goes up to 6 levels (H1-H6).

In Squarespace, you can set a focal point for your images to highlight the essential part of the image when it automatically crops down for a smaller screen.

2. Content management


With the help of Wix’s content manager, you can store content in collections and connect the collections to the several elements in the editor to display content on your site or receive from submissions.

Your or your visitor’s content will get stored in a grid layout, and find compatible elements to connect to your collections to manage your site more effectively and efficiently.


Squarespace Content Management System gives you almost complete control over the images, headlines, text, videos, links, and everything else as well.

The CMS in the Squarespace comes in the form of a drop-down menu with a wide range of administrator page options.

You can even edit the content style and structure, as well as previous what your site will look like before you save the changes.

The preview option and a highly structured editor are what many potential blog and store creators are looking for.

You can see your site how your visitors would see it as you simply make the changes.

3. Ease of use


The User Experience in Wix is visually comprehensive, which is good for beginners.

Everything you want to change can be easily done by just simply clicking on the element, while the site history function allows you to recover the content easily.

Via Wix ADI, you will receive a website tailored to your needs after a virtual assistant asks you a wide range of questions that serve as reference points for your site design.


Moreover, you need to click via additional layers to achieve the same result in Squarespace as you would in Wix.

You will need to create some additional columns on their grid layout to add certain elements to your design.

4. Email marketing features


You can benefit greatly from the Wix completely free email marketing without having to purchase a Premium plan.

You can send around 5000 individual emails via three campaigns, with the monthly quota resetting on the first of the month.


In Squarespace, you can find stunning email layouts for each and every audience.

Add images, links to relevant content and use different buttons to drive clicks and engagement.

The advanced email marketing tools of Squarespace will help you to automate your emails, personalize your messages and streamline your content list management.

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