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With growing technologies across various fields, numerous entrepreneurs emerge offering various business solutions. With start-up business and progressive business, the business owners will be finding it difficult to process all the business plans on their own. To share their work and get assistance concerning their business tactics, the business owners hire virtual assistants.


Who are virtual assistants?

The virtual assistants are highly skilled and trained professionals who work remotely for multiple clients and multiple projects. The virtual assistant will provide brilliant business tactics, which can be found in every task execution. There are wide opportunities available online,some platforms like Dormzi offers virtual assistant jobs .
The virtual assistants offer various services like:

  • Content writing
  • Online marketing
  • Transcription
  • Carrying out day-day business goals
  • I am executing the assigned business plans and lots more.

So, for types of tasks, various types of virtual assistants are available, which will be discussed in the following sections of the article.

Different types of Virtual Assistants

There are different types of virtual assistants, offering various types of services. They are:

  • General Virtual Assistants

The general Virtual Assistants are also termed as Virtual Administrative Assistants. They used to help out the business owners in managing e-mails, and appointments, preparing report formats and presentation slides, and many other administrative tasks. They perform all the tasks like an office secretary, but they work from their home instead of the office location. By performing those, administrative tasks, the business owner will be able to concentrate and implement long term strategic business ideas.

  • Social Media advertising Virtual Assistant

To promote the growth of the business, the business owners must market their recent business trends, in the social media platforms. For this, the business owners must be active in social media for advertising about their business products. The social media marketing assistant will perform this activity by posting and advertising all the recent products of the companies as the posts through the company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts, by avoiding the cost incurred on promotions.

  • Virtual Assistant creative writers

The Virtual Assistant writers will help in writing about your business, to make it available on your company website. Their write-ups should be such that your company should have a high marketing rate, which helps in promoting the growth of the business.

  • Virtual Assistants for Accounting

By hiring the Virtual assistant who takes of the company’s financial areas, will save lots of time for the business owners and reduces the pressure also. But the business owners must be careful and sharp in hiring trustworthy, skilled, and certified Virtual Accountants to avoid any fraudulent activities. The virtual accountants will take care of business payrolls and other financial areas of the business genuinely and promptly without any inaccuracies.

  • Land and buildings Virtual Assistants

Some Virtual Assistants offer their assistance and service for real-estate professionals. The virtual assistants perform all managerial tasks to trade more properties, database management and be a part of the sales support team. As these Virtual Assistants work remotely, they offer immediate customer queries and all services in a very quick manner. They incur very little cost than physically hiring real-estate agents.

  • Graphic designer Virtual Assistant

For posting on social media websites, the business owners need to create more attractive and innovative designs, to aid in promoting the growth of the business. But the business professional will not be able to do these tasks due to hectic work schedules.

But on hiring skilled and trained Graphic designer Virtual Assistant, more informative as well as innovative posts can be promoted in social media websites, which will surely give a good reputation for the business.

  • Virtual Assistants for product launch

These Virtual assistants will keep updating about other products that are launched online, and they used to launch the client’s business product at the correct time so that it stands out unique than others.

These are the different types of Virtual Assistants, who provide various services, to promote the client’s business growth successfully.

Advantages in hiring the virtual assistants

  • Hiring virtual assistants is cost-effective
  • Executes the assigned business plan within the deadline in a fast and quick manner.
  • Multi-talented and multi-skilled
  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Available 24 * 7 and anywhere from any part of the world
  • Makes the business owners concentrate on long-term goals
  • Reduces the work pressure of the business owners

So, promote the growth of the business and move the business to the next level, the business owners must hire skilled and multi-talented Virtual Assistants. The hired virtual assistants will offer various support to the growth and development of the company.

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