Digital Eye Health Takes Center Stage with Surging IoT Adoption

IoT has grown in healthcare, business and finance, driven by emerging technologies like AI and ML.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Digital Eye Health Takes Center Stage with Surging IoT Adoption

The Internet of Things (IoT) has witnessed tremendous growth lately and across multiple sectors including healthcare, business and finance. Similar growth is further expected throughout the year and basically due to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


It is obvious that IoT brings efficiency as well as productivity, but it has simultaneously raised concerns about prolonged screen time as well as its impact on eye health. With people spending an average of six hours and 37 minutes per day on digital devices, the exposure to blue light emitted by screens is a growing concern.

Studies have found that the blue light coming from the screens can cause health issues to our eyes. It can make it harder to see well and even lead to issues like eye strain and damage to the retina. Plus, spending too much time in front of screens with blue light can mess up our sleep and make us feel not so great overall.

To tackle these worries, things like glasses that block blue light and special features in IoT gadgets are becoming really important. These tools help reduce the bad effects of blue light, making sure people’s eyes stay healthy.

Companies like Eyebuydirect offer a range of blue light-filtering lens options. Abreast to it, Eyesafe provides innovative blue light filtration technology for digital screens. Additionally, sensors like the AS7264N tri-stimulus sensor from Ams help regulate blue light exposure in various environments.

As we use more IoT devices every day, it is important to think about our eye health. Investing in blue light protection tech keeps our vision safe in the digital world.

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