Digital Signage LCD vs LED


Digital Signage is extremely important in the business world right now. Thanks to it, you get to immerse your customers and take their experience to new heights. That being said, there are multiple types of Digital Signage out there, so which one is the best? You can either opt for LED signage, or you can choose LCD signage as well. Let’s study each one in particular and then see what option may feel the best for you.

LED Digital Signage

The thing to notice about LED Digital Signage is that it has a limited flexibility, so the designs are a bit limited in that regard. However, their physical footprint is small, and that comes down to a variety of factors such as the screen size. The installation process for LED Digital Signage is simple, the simplest one in the business.

When it comes to image quality, it’s important to note that you have pixel pitches between 0.5-0.6 mm. There’s also a standard resolution and contrast here as well. Moreover, you will also have screen gaps and bezels, something that’s unique to the LED Digital Signage.

The ambient light tolerance is low, and you do need good light control in the viewing environment to achieve good results. The reliability is good overall, but you can’t have 24/7 performance and you can have a maximum of 50000 working hours from the unit. Image retention can be a problem. Lastly, the LED Digital Signage is not field serviceable and it requires manual calibration.

LCD Digital Signage

You have a lot more design freedom with the LCD Digital Signage. Also, the installation process is a bit more complex when compared to LED Digital Signage. The pitches range from 0.9 and up to 20 mm. you also have a wide color gamut and deep saturated colors. But the important thing to note is that there’s no screen gap or bezel.

There’s no image retention, you can use this non-stop, and you can get up to 100000 hours of use from this. The LCD Digital Signage also offers automatic calibration and the components can be repaired on the site. And yes, the ambient light tolerance is flexible, as you get the highest contrast this way.

Which is the best?

Both LED and LCD Digital Signage have their pros and cons. But as you can see, LCD Digital Signage does get the upper hand with non-stop usage, no image retention, automatic calibration and other features. However, if you’re looking for quick installation and great value for your money, LED Digital Signage can be a good option as well. In the end, they are both really good, all you need to do is to create a list with the features you need and then it will be easier to identify the right Digital Signage option that suits your needs!


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