Digital Transformation Via IoT


Digital transformation IoT resulted due to innovation of information technology. It is in fact very real and happening in this present world. It has turned to be a very hot topic in the entire business world.

Digital transformation was mainly done to transform business in to a very well organised manner. One can notice digital transformation everywhere around them. On the other hand Internet of things or IoT is a complete system which has the ability to transform data over the network without including human to human or human to computer interactions. Digital transformation has bought a new way of thinking and manufacturing. It has totally changed the concept of business.

Ways to get started with Digital Transformation:- There are some ways to start with digital transformation.  Let’s discuss some of them.

  • No matter whether a company is small or big. If they wish they can easily start with digital transformation. Firstly be sure that each and every department of the company owns digital transformation. If it so happens that one has accepted it and the other has ignored it, then there might be problem.
  • It is very vital that the management of the company accepts digital transformation because along with the involvement of lot of costs it may take a long duration of time to get digitised. Therefore the management of the company should be on boards.
  • It has been revealed that more or less every company collects a lot of data regarding their products, logistics. So digital transformation will be a great a device to transform the data in a consistent way.

Digital Transformation and Internet of Things:- It will be very interesting to know that digital transformation with its special development of internet of Things have created a wonderful partnership. The partnership of both the things is just worth exploring. Let’s see what Cape Gemini comments regarding this issue. Cape Gemini stresses to log in to digital economy. A joint research of Cape Gemini along with MIT Centre for Digital Business has revealed the advantages of digital transformation.  It was found in the study that each and every company whether big or small experiences number of pressures from both the customers and employees. According to them Digital transformation is just inevitable. It makes the work much easier and smoother. The report submitted by Cape Gemini in collaboration with MIT Centre for Digital Business   has showed that digital transformation unfolds three main areas namely, experience of the customers, operational process and business models. Customer experience includes understanding customers, top line growth and customer service. In fact   it can be commented that experience of the customers, operational process and business models are the three main pillars of digital transformation. The performance of many companies was just outstanding by the use of Digital transformation along with internet of Things. Altimeter Group have also appreciated digital transformation and revealed the journey of many companies from adapting to digital customer experience and guiding business leaders on the journey of digital transformation. The report was very interesting and informative. In fact they carried an extensive study on the issue. It will be very interesting to note that IBM’s digital transformation has enabled manufactured to design new models and products that would help people. It is really a great news and success for IBM. In fact it will pave a new path of invention.

Challenges of the Companies and Digital Transformation:– It is very clear that every organisation faces challenges. There are many companies who are not prepared to face the challenge of digital transformation. Time has come when they should prepare themselves for digital transformation. The role of leadership comes into existence during this time. Therefore if digital transformation is accepted by all companies then the problem becomes very minor. It also becomes easier to meet the challenges   . Digital transformation is in its early stage and still there is a long way to go. Every company specially which are more customer centric should understand the concept of digital transformation and accept it as early as possible. It will be rather very convenient for them in all aspects.  According to many business entrepreneurs Digital transformation is not just a mere device but more than that.



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