How is “digital twinning” helping big data IoT?

Digital Twinning is the most consequential technologies ever created. It was one of the top technologies mentioned in Gartners top 10 Strategic technologies trends for 2017. Let’s see how this ambitious piece of tech occupies the modern tech spectrum.

It changes the rudimentary idea of designing and testing of products. The waste due to failed products is minimized and the hours of work and labour is also greatly reduced. Almost all the companies check their ROI (Return of Investment) which can be greatly enhanced by using Digital Twinning.

The precursor to Digital Twinning is Pairing technology which was first used by NASA in space explorations. Today the same technology has broken bounds and developed into a tool which any product or service oriented company can make use of. Adding to that it has also integrated it self with future technologies like Artificial intelligence, Big Data  and IoT maximize the productivity.

The process in itself is intricately complex and involves sensors, big data and a lot of software support. However, once the design is digitally replicated, it can be tested for all real-life parameters and evaluate the integrity of the proposed design without actually building anything physically.

This technique essentially reduces the down time or failure rate of the products because of its perfect prototyping methods. The Digital Twinning highly relies on the sensor data, which could be made real time using IoT (Internet of Things). Big data and IoT go hand in hand because all the data that is generated by the IoT devices is handled by Big Data and processed to have useful information. Such a novel procedure can highly improvise the existing Digital Twinning methods and accentuate the results.

The accuracy of the system is of paramount importance. The entire procedure relies on how precise the results are. To make Digital Twinning relatable to real world testing scenarios, Internet of Things is used.

The business grow not only because of the smart strategies or brilliant minds but also because efficient use of available resource. Digital Twinning will definitely help your business achieve its heights without wasting all your effort in prototyping!

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