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Disney World gearing up to test a new Foot Tracking Technology for its Visitors

Disney World is probably the happiest place on the Earth, both for kids and adults alike. It’s a place where people go to get a magical getaway from the troubles of the world and just have a good time with family and friends. But, this fun trip often takes a sad, dramatic turn for people who end up losing their near and dear ones amongst the massive crowd that is almost an year around occurrence at Disney World.

Seeing the frequency at which such incidents were being reported, the Disney World Management has decided to do something to make sure that the visitors only have happy memories to take with them when they exit the World of Disney World. According to some sources, the Disney World could soon start installing foot-tracking technology on their visitors that will be able to keep a track of the movements of each Disney World visitor.

The rumours arose when the Walt Disney Company recently secured a patent for foot-tracking technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Patent states, “The first foot shape is captured by a foot sensor and the first foot appearance is captured by a camera.” The system then identifies the visitor by comparing the data acquired from the first foot model with that of the second foot.

This entire foot-tracking data is then matched up with visitor’s information, such as the his name, hometown, and favourite character, food or ride.

In addition to keeping a track of its visitors movements, the track would also give Disney an opportunity to collect visitor preferences and foot traffic data. The information can help the theme park in monitoring the “ride to ride” movements of the visitors and also in knowing the most visited ride of the theme park.

Whether the device is able to offer Disney World’s visitors a seamless experience is something which only time will tell.

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