Does High Tech Have to Mean High Energy?

By Srikanth
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Does High Tech Have to Mean High Energy? 1

​​As a business owner, finding ways to cut down on operational costs is essential. Cutting down on energy consumption can equal smaller utility bills. With all the new high-tech, energy-efficient appliances on the market, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade your current machines.


What if I told you that upgrading your machines can decrease energy consumption? You’d be surprised to discover how much energy older machines and appliances use. Smart meters are a great tool for this purpose.

You can find out where you’re using the most energy; which appliances are using the most energy and so much more. Find out more about how smart meters can reduce your utility bills.

Do Newer Machines Use More Energy?

Many of the newest machines have been engineered with the goal of saving you money on your utility bills, and they do so by using less energy in their operation. This doesn’t just mean that they run on less electricity; they also use less water, which can help to reduce your monthly water bill. This is the main selling point of high-tech appliances and machines. They’re supposed to be easier and cheaper to run.

You can actually use high-tech gadgets to help you cut down on your business energy expenses. There are new high-tech gadgets on the market that can help you make your business more energy efficient:

–        Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a good way of controlling your A/C unit and making sure you’re not using more energy than necessary. A smart thermostat can be programmed to a certain schedule, for better user control.

–        Smart Light Bulbs

These bulbs help you reduce energy by giving you the ability to dim them to your desired brightness. You can also turn them on and off using an app. These lights also allow you to set them on a certain schedule. So even if you forget some lights on, they’ll turn off at the scheduled time.

–        Smart Security Cameras

You can now find smart security cameras that are battery-operated. They’re supposed to run for up to two years on just regular AA batteries. They notify you, via an app, whenever there’s motion detected. It also uploads the footage to cloud-based storage for later review.

–        Smart Outlets

Smart plugs or outlets can help you cut down on the amount of phantom power you’re using. It’s a hassle to plug and unplug computers and other devices that are used quite often, and people can forget. The smart plugs can be set to automatically turn the plugs on and off when necessary. So in theory, you could set all unnecessary equipment to shut off at the end of the day and come on when you start the day.

You can learn more about different smart gadgets that can make your home, or office, more energy-efficient and convenient, here.

There are exceptions…

While most machines and appliances are designed to be energy efficient these days, there can be exceptions. Certain industries require heavier machinery that might not have reached the same level of energy efficiency as smaller machinery.

The key to making sure that you reduce your energy consumption, instead of increasing it, is to choose a high-tech machine that uses the right amount of energy for your needs.

  • Understand the different types of high-tech machines.

Do your research and see what’s on the market. Make sure you know what you’re looking for or you might get overwhelmed with the options and choose the wrong machine. Take note of any energy ratings and reviews. Consider the size of the machine that you can accommodate, and what difference the size makes.

  • Choose one that matches your needs.

Don’t be swayed by all the amazing features that might not really improve your business or energy consumption. Instead, focus on getting something that meets your actual needs.

Final Thoughts

The high-tech world is focused on making sure that everything we use is faster, smaller, more convenient and more energy efficient. While upgrading to newer equipment might cost a lot initially, you’ll cut down on energy costs in the long run. Learn more about how you can make your business smarter and more energy efficient.

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