Doing Cleanup: 5 Types of Links You Should Disavow


Your SEO ranking depends on several factors, including the links you use in your content. Before you link to any old website, it’s important to consider the site’s authority. Some sites help your SEO ranking increase, while others quickly drop you into the dregs. With SEO link-building services, you can improve your SEO rankings and grow your business.

Before you start adding new links, take time to evaluate what you currently have to disavow the ones that are bringing you down. If you find these links on your website, remove them and look for more authoritative sites.

1.No-Follow Links

These links have the term “nofollow” in the HTML code. If you have them in your website content, you aren’t getting help from them. The nofollow code tells Google to ignore it, so the search engine sees it as the opposite of an authoritative website.

You can check HTML code by right-clicking on your browser and choosing “View Page Source.” Look in the HTML code for the term “nofollow.” The reason that sites add nofollow code is to avoid getting spammed. Most nofollow links include blog comments, social media posts, some news sites, and press releases.

2.Social bookmarking sites

Google does not like it when websites link to social bookmarking sites. These sites might be useful for people who want to access their social bookmarks from a convenient location, but they don’t help businesses improve their SEO rankings.

3.Press releases

Press releases don’t have much authority because anyone can write one and distribute it to several links. Rather than linking your content to press releases, use them to get media groups to write about your business. When authoritative media websites write about you, they immediately create backlinks that help your business grow.


While forums provide interesting conversations about useful topics, they aren’t good tools for SEO rankings. Rather than linking to forums with answers to common questions, look for an authoritative website that provides a useful answer to a specific question. You’ll build your SEO ranking, and remove the questionable site.

When you link to forums, you harm your business’s reputation. You don’t know who is answering questions and getting involved in discussions. One misleading answer or conversation can cause people to think twice about supporting your company with their hard-earned dollars.

5.Low-Authority Websites

When you link to other sites, only choose sites that have more authority than yours. These generally include websites from businesses and organizations that are household names, like news organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Low-authority sites with less brand recognition than yours will decrease your SEO ranking. No business wants its reputation to drop because content builders made poor choices with their content linking.

You can use the Moz domain analyzer to learn about any website’s domain authority. The highest score is 100, while the lowest is 1. First, find your domain authority, then check the sites you have on your website. Remove those lower than yours, and replace them with better ones.

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