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What Donald Trump Means To Tech World

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Born on June 14, 1946 Donald John Trump became the President of United States on 8th November, 2016. What impact Trump  will have in the world of Tech?

During his early days he was an American Businessmen and a Politician. He became the 45th President of United States after Barrack Obama. He constructed many towers, hotels and buildings during his business career. Trump’s mother is from Scotland and father is from Germany.

WHAT DOES TECH MEANS FOR TRUMP:- The way of thinking and views regarding tech world of both the President’s are different.  Barrack Obama had a very positive attitude towards tech world. According to Donald John Tech views it has been assumed that the future of tech world is full of uncertainties. The main issue for Mr Trump is H1-B Visa. As we all know that H1-B visa is very important for IT companies. It is with this visa that they can bring employees temporary in their country. But unfortunately when Trump became the President of India he is of the opinion that H1-B visa is being abused extensively by bringing cheap laborers instead of skilled labors. He is favoring high skilled immigration. Moreover it has been assumed from his opinion that he would either alter the concept of H1-B visa or abolish it completely. Therefore his opinion has bought great tension to many people.

OPINION OF TRUMP AGAINST CYBER ATTACKS:- As cyber crime is increasing terribly day by day it has been forecast by Forrester Research that within 100 days the newly elected President will face cyber attacks. This is really a great threat for the nation. OPINION OF TRUMP AGAINST CYBER ATTACKS:-

Mr Trump has commented on the issue that there are many things we need to do and cyber crime is the one on which we should do something. Unfortunately Mr Trump will be the first president who is most uninspired concept on how technology works. With Mr Trump becoming the President of United States Amazon’s future has become a great question. According to Mr Trump Amazon is a company which is totally anti-competitive in nature. It is also avoiding tax. As a result of Trump’s opinion Amazon’s stock has dropped abruptly. Therefore it has also created a great tension for the company.

TRUMP’S POLICY:- Mr. Trump had threatened all the companies to bring their manufacturing activities back to United States. He is very strict on the issue and seems that he is not going to change his views regarding the matter. On the other hand Mr. Trump has drafted a proposal that would include high fees by making highly expensive for the tech companies to hire foreign employees.

Therefore it can be said in this connection that Mr. Trump’s opinion have bought a negative impact on the entire tech world. Everybody is worried about the future of the tech world. As he is very rigid in his opinion it might happen that he would bring new policies for the tech world. The future of tech world is in great question due to Mr. Trump’s new policy.

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