DoT Introduces ‘Sangam: Digital Twin’ to Revolutionize Infrastructure Design

India's 'Sangam: Digital Twin' initiative, led by the DoT, upgrades infrastructure planning with 5G, IoT, AI and AR/VR.

By Sunil Sonkar
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DoT Introduces 'Sangam Digital Twin' to Revolutionize Infrastructure Design

The Indian government launched Thursday the ‘Sangam: Digital Twin’ initiative and invited industry leaders, startups, schools as well as creative thinkers to team up. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is undertaking the project to improve how we plan and design infrastructure. They are using latest technologies like 5G, IoT, AI, AR/VR and AI native 6G to achieve the purpose.


Through the ‘Digital Twin’ technology, the initiative plans to create virtual replicas of physical assets. The digital copies help us watch things happening live, pretend different situations and study information. This helps us keep improving and change things when needed to get the best outcomes.

Interested parties can submit Expressions of Interest (EoI) by March 15 to participate in the transformative effort. The DoT thinks it is vital for corporate giants to join and share fresh ideas. They want everyone to play a part in deciding how we plan and design infrastructure for tomorrow.

The initiative is to take place in two parts. Firstly, they explore and come up with ideas. Secondly, they demonstrate how these ideas function in real life. The main aim is to develop a plan for future projects that can be reused with teamwork.

‘Digital Twin’ technology helps organizations, services and customers interact smoothly online, making things work better in different areas.

In a related development, the Survey of India (SOI) partnered with Genesys International last November to create 3D maps of urban landscapes and physical assets. This project matches the government’s goal of creating ‘Digital Twins’ for major cities and towns by 2035. It is a significant step towards changing how India’s infrastructure operates using digital technology.

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