Dr. Ankita Singh of Cignex Honoured as Greatest Female People Managers of India in 2019

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Dr. Ankita Singh of Cignex Honoured as Greatest Female People Managers of India in 2019 1

Ankita Singh was recently awarded as one of the Greatest People Leaders of India in 2019, by the Great Manager Institute in association with Forbes India. The registrations for Great People Manager 2020 are now open and will remain open only for the next 3 months.


Vice President and Global Head of HR at CIGNEX Datamatics, a global IT company with its development centres in Ahmedabad, Gurugram and Bengaluru in India, Dr. Ankita Singh, is one of the greatest female people leaders of India in 2019. Great Manager Institute recently released extracts from its report on an evaluation of some of the greatest people managers of the country, received as a result of the Great People Manager Study 2019 in association with Forbes India.

Here are some excerpts from the said report. “Dr. Singh believes transparency is the key to building trust and uses every instance of interaction with her team members as an opportunity to build trust. One of her practices of continuous appreciation of every contributing team member irrespective of the category and nature of the contribution, displays an ability to use positivity in ensuring best possible performance.”

Net worth can be measured in different scales. Money and power are two of the most commonly used scales to measure net worth. But this list honours leaders who have the highest net worth in relationships.” says, Neelima Gulavani, business head of Great Manager Institute, about the importance of being in this list. The report further mentions the 4 layers of evaluation through which it selects the final list of leaders.

Great Manager Institute invites nominations from companies, based on which some or all managers of the company undergo an evaluation in form of survey taken by their team members. Based on the results of this evaluation and a pre-established threshold based on benchmarks, the first level of certification is offered. The managers in the second round are required to talk about their people practices and the impact of the same. Based on the scores from these two rounds, managers are shortlisted, and a feedback is taken from the management of the respective organization. After a final round of independent reputation check, the final list of top managers is arrived at. After the list is announced through Forbes India, CEOs and female leaders are additionally recognized through separate categories.

Registrations for the Great People Manager Study 2020 are going on, and Great Manager Institute invites all organizations across India to nominate all its female leaders for the special category of female leaders this year. No separate registration is needed for companies that are already registered. Any female leader can also self-nominate herself and her nomination shall be considered post an approval from the company’s management.

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