Dr. Jitendra Singh Promotes Startup Culture at National Education Conference in Srinagar

By Sunil Sonkar
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Dr. Jitendra Singh Promotes Startup Culture at National Education Conference in Srinagar

‘National StartUp Conference RASE 2024’ was lately held at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar, Kashmir. Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh shared his vision for the future of startup ecosystem in Jammu & Kashmir. He said it is the time for a mindset shift and a deeper exploration of the rich resources in the region.


Dr. Singh spotlighted the agricultural sector as a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. He cited the success of ‘Aroma Mission’ and the so-called ‘Purple Revolution’. Bhaderwah, Gulmarg  and other such small towns have become the heart of the revolution. About 5,000 young entrepreneurs turned towards lavender farming and they are now reaping substantial rewards.

The journey of these young agri-entrepreneurs is inspirational. Many have quit their corporate careers and embraced lavender farming opportunities. They are flourishing and also being replicated in other states.

Dr. Singh credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in the country with the initiative of ‘Startup India, Stand-up India’ that was announced in 2015. Startup ecosystem has since then witnessed exponential growth and has now skyrocketing from just 350 startups to more than 1.5 lakh. India is now the third-largest startup hub in the world.

Jammu & Kashmir is equipped with unique natural and cultural wealth. Hence, the region holds untapped potential in various sectors. Dr. Singh emphasized promising prospects in floriculture that is backed by a mission of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

The Ministry of Science and Technology is simultaneously committed to nurturing the budding entrepreneurs. It is offering support as well as resources to harness the full potential of various sectors in the state.

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