Drivezy P2P vehicle sharing platform to expand

India’s biggest platform for peer- 2- peer vehicle sharing Drivezy initially named as JustRide is now expanding its reach for providing best of its service to four major city’s of India that is NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The services by Drivezy will mainly be implemented by August of this year. Drivezy is going to make triple of its profit in 2018 and become the market king.

“Drivezy is best for renting cars and earn from other ways, this innovation will help a large number of owners who can get benefit. Drivezy have partnership with more than 2,300 car owners in six cities of India,  we are also planning to get incorporation with motorbikes and scooters, we already have 1,700 motorbike owners in our company and wish to collect more than 10,000 motorbike or scooter owners till August of this year, ” said Aishwarya Singh CEO and co-founder ogmf Drivezy.

Drivezy is aiming to get more force in one – way, cities sharing motor and scooter services. This will help the user to pick any motor bike to their selected location and dropping to any location of Drivezy limit. Not like other two-wheeler services where the customer have to return the bike or scooter at the point of start. This feature will allow customers to get full relief from the tension of returning the vehicle.

Drivezy’s headquarter is in Bangalore,  Karnataka from where its operating six cities across India. The company have almost double the profit after additional fleet from the passable year. Drivezy launched its market value level in 2016. They also indulge third-party owners to get in touch with Drivezy as owner, 20 banks and NBFCs have partnership with Drivezy to help the company in the area finance. Drivezy looks after every operation.

“Drivezy is planning to launch 100 outlets all over India in two years. We have customized offers as per customers requirements like weekly and daily rides or just one-way ride. We are in the path of changing selling, buying and renting two-wheelers” said Aishwarya Singh.

Drivezy was in news  in February for getting highest  revenue about $5  million in the very first round of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Drivezy just want to change the experience of renting, selling and buying at the best by offering  so much flexibility in the usage.


Written by varsha singh

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