Drone Startup wins Kerala’s Infra Development Body

Drone Startup wins Kerala’s Infra Development Body 1

Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) is one the first Bangalore- based commercial drone technology in today’s time because of its expansion in range of customer base in two addition of clients- that is Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) and Thematic Infotech Private Limited. This will  build a relationship between company that offer very large range of drone related solutions to have a wide range of sectors which is including several mapping roads, canals, opencast mines, electric lines etc.

In the year 2016, AUS has their bridge round funding with Aaruha Technologies, which is an early stage technology fund and has been founded by Mohandas Pai, BV Naidu, who  is the chairman our the foundation, Sagitaur Ventures and having their ex- Infosys  CFOs V Balakrishan. These are very important to know that the AUS has always done their best to provide the all round facility to most of their customers.

AUS’s Insight- PPK is one and only indigenous survey kind of grade PPK GPS- based which actually almost fully automated drone with help of Thematic Infotech as they are the mapping  roads  along with rail corridors, they will have the same kind of products which is going to help KIIFB and all the progress I being monitoring all the linear and this about infrastructure their will be system like all roads , canals, electric lines with all kind of quality monitor activities.

All the franchise of the product that is going to be the name of Insight- PPK, with this they will be giving better accuracy and precision, there will two times better area coverage as per the flight and there will be multiple choice at times all about the consistency and than they will be compared to more than other consumer have more upgrade drones.

Commercial drones is all about doing activity in India, the only commercial usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles about cinematography, with door to door delivery, aerial mapping, infrastructure monitoring and along with these even more passenger which have more transport, with only civil drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.

Recently, we are reporting and there will be tech startup in Lucknow, Tech Eagle, along with a more kind off drone.

There will recall in October as last year as Amazon which had already again filed at the more patent for the delivery which have the drones in India. With almost all kind off  drones a delivery as in India.

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