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Dropshipping Platform, Solving Procurement Complexities - Sourceinfi 1
  1. Can you provide an overview of Sourceinfi’s role as a dropshipping enabler and how it adds value to e-retailers?

The very foundation of Sourceinif goes back to the vision of connecting the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to D2C brands, enterprises and drop-shippers via an integrated platform. We started in 2023 in pursuit of taking Indian dropshipping to the next level by developing an innovative tech-driven platform and streamlining procurement complexities.


Sourceinfi acts as a dropshipping enabler for small, medium and large-scale e-retailers by addressing the shortcomings of the Indian dropshipping landscape with a tech-driven approach. Our platform brings the world’s top verified suppliers onto a single platform where e-retailers can explore a plethora of diverse and unique products at their convenience. Our rigorous product quality check mechanism eliminates the likelihood of faulty products reaching customers. Also, our on-ground team of seasoned experts enables the fastest order processing from across the globe to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

  1. In what ways does Sourceinfi contribute to helping e-retailers reach their target audience with trending products?

Given the increased customer expectations and growing competition in the Indian market, e-retailers always find it challenging to explore trending products which can cater to the needs of a diverse consumer base. Additionally, the Indian market is extremely diversified with varied tastes and preferences across different regions, making it challenging to pinpoint universally trending items. The burden of finding a reliable supplier who can maintain consistency in the quality of the product is another major roadblock.

Our tech-enabled platform unifies domestic and global enterprises with verified global manufacturers and suppliers who offer a varied range of trending products for B2B import and dropshipping needs. The quality and diversity of products enable e-retailers to cater to the needs of their potential customers.

  1. How does Sourceinfi prioritize and ensure timely and cost-effective delivery to end customers, and what impact does this have on profit margins?

One major thing that sets us apart from other competitors in the industry is the fact that we have a dedicated on-ground team of experts present in various global locations who work tirelessly to streamline the order processing process from manufacturers and suppliers. They further fast-track the process of stringent product quality checks and storage of the goods in our strategically located warehouse spaces, from where the procedure of customs and shipping takes place.

Prompt order processing times directly impact the profitability of any seller or enterprise. It eliminates the cost inflicted by delays in order fulfilment and high RTO rates for sellers and merchants alike.

  1. Can you share any success stories or notable achievements of e-retailers who have benefited from Sourceinfi’s services?

Sourceinfi has been the fuel for notable successes in the e-retail sector where we’ve assisted entrepreneurs to build D2C brands from scratch. Notably, ‘Relax Company,’ a D2C brand, achieved an impressive monthly billing of INR 50 lakh within just 6 months of partnering with us, where we take care of the 70% of their inventory needs. Another triumph is ‘Pluggear,’ boasting a monthly billing of INR 25 lakhs, with us fulfilling about 65% of their inventory needs.

On the other hand, a resilient drop-shipper, after facing major setbacks in establishing an eCommerce business multiple times, thrived under our guidance, turning a 10-lakh investment into a 20-lakh profit within the second month itself. These and many other clients gaining success in their respective businesses showcase our role in their journey.

  1. Considering the dynamic nature of eCommerce, how does Sourceinfi stay ahead of trends and ensure its services align with the evolving needs of the market?

Our commitment to innovation at every step of the way keeps us ahead of the market trends. Notably, we hope to close the gap that presently exists in our country, i.e., the lack of B2B import platforms that have exclusively contributed to the development and building of brands from scratch.

At Sourceinfi, we aim to consistently explore diverse categories of products sourced across the globe, so that our services stay relevant to the dynamic needs of the eCommerce market.

  1. What role does technology play in Sourceinfi’s operations, particularly in optimizing and streamlining the dropshipping process?

Our 360-degree solutions are built upon the foundation of cutting-edge technology. One of the most crucial aspects of our dropshipping platform is that it brings forth a curated list of verified and top-notch suppliers offering a diverse range of products. On the other hand, D2C brands get the exclusive benefit of experimenting with a variety of products within their niche. They can even test the products to choose the most suitable ones for future business endeavours.

We offer a smart interactive panel for suppliers that compiles the listings of products which are readily available to the D2C brands. As per their selection of the product, it can be easily imported to their Shopify store, after which the order-receiving process immediately starts. 

Not just this, our platform ensures transparency and visibility to users throughout the fulfilment process with valuable insights.

  1. In your perspective, how is Sourceinfi contributing to the overall growth and success of e-retailers in the current competitive market?

We aim to introduce diverse and dynamic products to the Indian market.  Our constant engagement with the suppliers in the vast marketplace helps us get insight into current market trends, which further aid us in bringing the best range of products to eCommerce merchants. We believe that the power of collaboration and our consistent coordination with the local and global stakeholders enables us to understand their core problems and address them in the best possible way.

Given the contemporary market dynamics, technological upgradation and digitalization are taking centre stage, which is shaping the B2B, B2C, D2C, and other business segments. However, the void generated by the absence of a reliable channel of interaction between online sellers and verified suppliers is hampering the growth of small and medium-scale brands in India. This is exactly where Sourceinfi comes in. We strive to bring quality, consistency and commitment to growth in the booming Indian B2B eCommerce and dropshipping industry.

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