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AI in Gaming

While the technology behind artificial intelligence has always been a mystery to most, over the last year we’ve seen more clarity and transparency not only about the tools behind this crucial innovation but also its importance to contemporary technology and service development.


One might think that they don’t get direct benefits from using AI, or there is no way that machine learning could ever surpass the personal touch of a human approach, which might be true in some cases and wrong in others.

These days we use AI in almost every online service, we have targeted ads, the timelines that are suited for our personal taste, assembly by the algorithm and we have quick and fast customer service, for example, where the AI does the best job of providing us with all the answers. As many questions as there are about AI, no one can argue about its importance, the benefits that it offers and that is one of the most important technologies that are helping us to better our day to day lives, but its use in the gaming industry has become one of the topics discussed topics in the AI community as well s the gaming community. The overlap of these two could give us substantial results and take the existing gaming scene to a whole other level. Which is the main reason behind Dubai’s AI in the Gaming conference, set out to take place on February 26-27th.

What to expect from the conference?

It’s a fact that every country is starting to take AI more seriously and dedicate more time and effort into understanding it and using it for the fullest potential but the United Arab Emirates has taken this approach even further. Recently the country appointed the first-ever AI Minister, who will be looking into the development of technology, the topic of regulations and how one should apply them to practice. It’s clear Dubai is taking the importance of AI technology very seriously and maybe even plans to become one of the leaders of the world in this regard. This conference is a chance for the stakeholder to get together, discuss pressing issues, ask the industry professionals their burning questions while networking with like-minded people and establishing a clear pathway for Dubai’s AI sector to follow in the near future. Gaming is very popular across the UAE, providers have recently committed to enhancing the tech background of their platforms via cloud technology, entering the booming market, so the topic of using AI in this context will be the center conversation of this event.

The first step to moving to this technological advancement has already been made. Multiple providers have already switched to cloud-based platforms or integrated into one single entity. The perfect example of this is the GiG integration. The company integrated 3 of its flagship platforms in its plug-and-play initiative. One of these three flagship brands, Rizk was already tinkering with the idea of integrating cloud-based technology as well as thinking of AI integration. With these additional resources, such large brand names will be able to gain quite a lot from the conference.

During the conference, the speaker will cover the topics of uncovering the potential of AI in the Middle East Countries and what the government can do to accelerate the progress. It will also touch on the blockchain technology that is also becoming an indispensable part of online presence and every business and service that is managed online. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency and offers improved and transparent transactions that are being increasingly used by large enterprises to level up their services and stay on top of the tech game. But the most important conversation of the conference will center around AI and how it is revolutionizing the games of skill.

For everyone who loves gaming and technological innovations, this conference is a must, as it gathers together all the important thinkers and stakeholders to provide fruitful conversations and give an insider perspective on what is the future of AI in the gaming industry and how can we utilize it fully. Dubai is establishing itself as an innovation hub for the AI and its increased adoptions and is an undisputed leader in the region when it comes to these tech innovations. AI is becoming a crucial part of the gaming industry and the entertainment world in general so Dubai is making sure that as the regional leader it is caught up with all the news and trends of the industry while trying to create its own contributions and shape the AI industry to better fit the demands from the middle east.

AI as the economic factor

Something that often gets overlooked is the financial gains that come with AI adoption. The conversations about this technology often center around the specific aspect of this technology like the regulations the dangers to the consumer, the breach of privacy and overall skepticism that comes with the general concept of Artificial Intelligence. But AI adoption will account for 45% of the world economy is around 10 years, or so the conference organizers say. The importance of this technology won’t fade away, because this is not just a trend or an additional feature of the entertainment industry, like VR for example.

This technology has the potential to transform the way thing operate on all different levels and those who fail to keep up with the tech innovations will find themselves falling behind because it is impossible to compete with AI and just how much mundane work it can take away from humans, so they can instead focus on innovations and improvements. The Middle East, but specifically UAE has a huge unexplored gamer market, which often falls behind other countries but with all the effort from the Dubai officials, this will not be the case much longer.

The UEA gaming community wants to experience the fully innovative and immersed gaming experience that uses AI and has the potential to apply it to even more features and elevate the whole experience even more. AI has been a part of the gaming world since its very beginning back in the 1950s and has continued to develop and improve over time. The AI and its use in gaming are crucial for delivering complex and real games and characters and this particular aspect of the gaming world is currently developing faster than ever before.

It’s important to talk about these innovations and openly discuss the possibilities and the challenges that come with it. Instead of choosing to stay ignorant about this topic because of misconceptions or myths Dubai has decided to take the proactive approach and take on the role of a leader in tech development, specifically AI  across the Middle East, which is precisely why it is expected that Dubai will see the largest growth in AI adoption compared to other middle eastern countries and could even catch up with other tech innovations hubs in no time.

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