DuckDuckGo browser is now available on Mac

DuckDuckGo browser is now available on Mac 1

The well-liked privacy-focused search engine named, DuckDuckGo, has announced a web browser for desktops the late last year. Now, the news stated that the web browser had been released for Mac, featured various privacy-centric features like

  • Mechanized web-tracker blocking,
  • A new cookie pop-up protection and more.

DuckDuckGo releases into the market for the Mac

DuckDuckGo, that is also having a web browser application for Mac, is an “all-in-one privacy solution for daily browsing with no tangled and intuitive settings” and submit an assembling of some of the security and privacy setting features, which also comes with a powerful tracker blocker, email shielding, generation of password, and its popular and most famous “Fire” button that helps users to void their browsing history and tabs with a single press.

The DuckDuckGo browser launched with a new cookie pop-up protection feature that blocks those irritating cookie consent pop-ups that appear on websites while opening the app on the first attempt. The company also unveiled that the features would merely mechanically select the option that blocks or reduces the cookies that might help to track users. It will be live for 50% of websites during the beta phase, with more websites being adjoined as the testing phase.

The users would be up to access privacy feed on the browser’s homepage. Furthermore, the DuckDuckGo privacy and security feed will enable their users to manage their data and void them more easily. In addition to this, it will block certain content on websites like Facebook, the reason being these platforms use embedded trackers and will highlight users a notification to grant access.

If we talk about its speed content, DuckDuckGo says that its new browser makes use of a similar rendering engine as Safari and propounds faster graphics performance than Chrome, which is currently one of the fastest browsers for Macs. Another high spot of the show was the fact that the latest DuckDuckGo browser uses 60% less data when compared to Chrome.

Along with the above mentions, there is support for a built-in Smarter Encryption technology that authorizes final users to browse encrypted versions of a website more frequently. Additional, the web browser featured-

  • Password management,
  • Tab management,
  • Bookmarks and more.

End users can connect with the private waitlist to get access to the new DuckDuckGo browser for Mac. For such, users need to install the DuckDuckGo mobile app and click on the “Join the Private Waitlist” button from the in-app settings. The company claimed that a Windows version is also on the way.

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