Dunzo enables B2B for small businesses

By Sony T
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Dunzo enables B2B for small businesses 1

Dunzo, launched as a Bengaluru-based startup developed from a hyperlocal delivery platform, recently formulated the ‘Checkout with Dunzo’ defined as the new platform for B2B logistics facilities being held specifically for the owners of the small businesses or retailers. ‘Checkout with Dunzo’ clearly follows through the estimations to collaborate with any store in the market in order to specify the needs of the customers and their requirements, thus developing the scenario to take care of it through the website or any app by stabilizing the market online.


This thus, provokes any business in the sector to of even the smallest size to enjoy the logistics support without any problems or hindrances. Likewise, the facilities initiated in the similar fashion as that of the payment option available, it allows the users to run for fast delivery options via the Dunzo partner, during checkout.

While this seems to solve the forthcoming issues in the market sector of India, for the retailers in the market from smaller to bigger stores, it looks after the opportunities to fill through the requirements, grounded of the e-commerce economy, saving the time, holding on the logistics costs or even delivering a motivated resource in a company.

Furthermore, in the crossing 18 months of the startup lately, the startup has stretched out 30 times more as per the reports and is still expecting its reach to stretch out with nearly two million orders to be taken up every month with the rise of June 2019.

Further, the companies main agenda is to focus on micro-market beneficial with the increasing orders in the following quarter. Also, the company claims to have a repetitive range of users with more than 80 percent and further the frequency of the transaction to establish and circulate nearly five orders with every month on every user.

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