Dynamics 365 Users Are Flabbergasted by BI Features!

Dynamics 365 Users Are Flabbergasted by BI Features! Techiexpert.com

Business Intelligence is one those powers that every company needs in order to not only make great business decisions but to also make efficientbusiness strategies. Earlier business intelligence was linked to only big sized corporates, in times when this method needed required huge human resources and pretty expensive technology. But, now, business intelligence is used by a plenty of firms, of various sizes as a wide variety of BI tools and software are available in the market. There are a lot of benefits that useful business intelligence offers to the companies; therefore, it is cherished by one and all.

The main utilization of business intelligence in relatively smaller companiesis nothing more than the beginning of automation techniques which has to the power to amplify their efficiency. Several high-end firms are also embracing the power of BI in order to boost their business advantage. As, Microsoft sensed the rising need and demand of BI, therefore, they integrated several BI features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to make it much more valuable than others.

How can perfect use of Business Intelligence benefit a company?

Business Intelligence has the direct impact on the performance of the business, therefore, it should be used perfectly in order to enhance the performance of a particular business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built will all the capabilities which are aimed at helping firms improve their efficiency and productivity, and same is the case with the BI features.

Proper utilization of BI helps an organization in innumerable ways:

The BI features in Dynamics 365 help in various ways. BI as it is has a major of role to play when it comes to generating more and more revenue. Be it by identifying the mostprofitable customers of all or by finding out the major opportunities for cross-selling.Also, apt use of BI leads to better optimizing of the pricing policies. Not just that, it even leads to amplified service levels as it offers a lot of direct and indirect help to the sales team of the company. Plus, efficient utilization of the Business Intelligence tools results in much greater sales. This is because BI helps the firms to get accurate and timely information which is a must to crack the major deals. Also, a much deeper overview of the entire firm’s working process, from order to collection as well as the speeding up of the cash floware some of the other advantages which are offered by the proper utilization of Business Intelligence.

How has Microsoft integrated BI in Dynamics 365, and how is it helping the firms?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is well known for its very powerful and useful Power BI feature. It is basically a cloud-based business intelligence program which helps the experts to do betterdata modeling and discovery. It also makes it easier for the users to do interactive visual reporting.These are just a few advantages offered by the BI features in Dynamics 365, apart from these also, there are a lot many like:

  • Data Analytics is a cakewalk

The wonderful business analytics tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are perfect to analyze data and share a great number of valuable insights. It saves the company from the hassle of starting from the beginning instead, the embedded Power BI makes it much smoother to carry on with a lot of things just when you start working on it.

  • It helps the company to gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of all their business users with all necessary metrics in one place
  • Power BI Online is used in order to develop intricate dashboards from within the Dynamics 365 database. It also makes it easy to access the useful data and reports without much hassle.

Overall, BI in Dynamics 365 has certainly made it a lot more powerful than before. And, with more integrations like these, we are sure that Dynamics 365 is only going to become better and better!


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