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E-Bikes Provider Zehus Bike+ Provides Unlimited Ranges

The Zehus Bike+ features a hub unit that weighs just nearly 3 kg
and holds a 30V lithium-ion battery that is capable of 160Wh of
charge. The company mentioned that the Zehus Bike+ has a range
of 30 km if the rider makes use of pedal-assist and limits his speed
to 25 kmph.

Anyhow, the range can be levelled upto 90 km, if the
rider lowers his speed to 14 kmph. The e-bicycle further featured
with regenerative braking technology(similar to the KERS
technology used in Formula E). The motor charges itself in
situations that take place, like when the rider is going downhill or
while braking.

The company also states that this is that one-brand in the world that
is working for the benefaction of an electric motor with the unlimited
range. The frame is built from titanium and weighs 13 kg. It also
features carbon belt drive, Shimano brakes and Mavic wheels.

The Zehus Bike+ also has another cool trick to built up its strategies,
that it is Bluetooth-enabled which means once when connected, the
app is able to show online diagnosis, navigation and mobility stats.
The Zehus Bike+ costs €4,000 (around Rs 3.13 lakh) to mention the
main deal.

While this seems to be a lot more expensive than
conventional electric bicycles, the users get titanium parts,
Bluetooth connectivity and an electric motor, which can virtually run
for years before the consumer needs to plug it in.
Summing up the aspects of the Zehus Bike+,

its features involve the following:
• The Zehus Bike+ features a hub motor which contains the
battery, Bluetooth communication system and a variety of
• It also features top-spec cycle parts such as a carbon belt
drive, Shimano brakes and Mavic wheels.
• It gets Bluetooth connectivity as well.

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