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Please elaborate on BitTitan is offering for enterprise clients in India?

For our enterprise clients in India, BitTitan provides the fastest and easiest solution to remotely migrate users and data to the cloud, enabling employees to continue working from anywhere. MigrationWiz is the industry-leading 100% SaaS solution for mailbox, document, public-folder and Microsoft Teams migrations between a wide range of Sources and Destinations. Since 2009, BitTitan has moved over 19 million users to the cloud for 43,000 customers in 187 countries and supports leading cloud ecosystems including Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Dropbox.

What value can a tool like MigrationWiz create for Indian IT companies?

MigrationWiz can create immense value for IT companies in India. As a cloud-based tool, MigrationWiz can be accessed anytime from anywhere and leveraged while working remotely to enable a successful cloud migration that is fast, scalable and secure. Whether migrating five seats or 50,000 seats, MigrationWiz is equipped to quickly transfer data to the new environment at scale. No installations or certifications are needed for MigrationWiz; it’s fast, easy and our customers love us because ‘it just works.’ In addition, global support is always available. Migration experts from BitTitan’s support team are on hand 24/7 to solve any project roadblocks.

How BitTitan helps manage cloud technologies, Can you elaborate on BitTitan’s automation

Absolutely. All migrations – cloud and on-premises – are fully automated with MigrationWiz, eliminating manual methods to minimize downtime and reduce errors. The migrations are initiated and run from one central dashboard. When leveraging MigrationWiz, MSPs and IT pros can manage all workgroups and migration projects, monitor active migration statuses, report on completed projects, view licensing information, and access the BitTitan Support and Help Center.

MigrationWiz also offers a robust selection of Advanced Options, including Customizable Email Notifications, Date Range Filtering, Impersonation or Delegation, Folder and Recipient Mapping, Audit Logging, and more. New migration projects can be configured and initiated in a matter of minutes. MigrationWiz guides the process from start to finish, supporting your selection of project type, Source and Destination endpoints, and importing Users and items.

What are the biggest innovation trends you see in managed services automation?

The managed services market has been healthy and migrations often serve as the starting point for a cloud implementation. A migration may sound simple, but they are often complex. As with many new implementations, it’s hard to find individuals with the right knowledge and skill set. The right automation tools are the key to success.

The cloud-to-cloud migration market has been steadily growing. We continue to see growth in double digits. We also continue to see movement between Office 365 and G Suite going in both directions, with Office 365 outpacing G Suite by adding users at a rate of 2:1. More than 50% of BitTitan’s business is tenant-to-tenant migrations and we continue to see a steady rise in this area as well.

In general, we’ve seen a lot of growth and activity in the M&A market in the last year. Although, the impacts of the pandemic are changing how people evaluate M&A. There will likely be an opportunity for consolidation after this pandemic concludes.

What has been the impact of COVID-19 in the context of client demands for BitTitan?

Business has been steady with mid-size and large enterprises, and in some cases, it has even picked up. These companies are accelerating their cloud migrations to maintain business continuity, especially if they rely on on-premises systems. They need to leverage cloud services to implement the tools, services and infrastructure that’s necessary to enable remote work for their employees to maintain productivity.

Some migrations have been postponed, particularly those projects that are not considered “critical” migrations. Such slowdowns generally depend on customer factors like a company’s size or industry. For example, retail, restaurants, hospitality, travel and leisure are sectors that are substantially impacted by coronavirus. These businesses are not spending money for new IT projects. Smaller businesses are currently taking a conservative approach to their operations and spending.

How can managed service providers deal with migration challenges during COVID-19?

Above all else, planning is essential. BitTitan has several tips for approaching migrations during the current pandemic:

  • Assess the project size and timeline for the migration. Identify the components you need to migrate; this is an opportunity to clean house.
  • Identify potential challenges and determine if the aid of a partner is necessary.
  • Migrate mailboxes first to ensure communication can be maintained. From there, determine which Teams, groups or other workloads need to be migrated as well.
  • Consider bandwidth and timing. Many organizations are currently working remotely right now and usage of software such as SharePoint Online and OneDrive has skyrocketed during daytime peak hours. Microsoft and Google have communicated that throttling, which limits the number of simultaneous requests to a service to prevent an overuse of resources, is lessened during evenings and weekends to allow migrations to happen. MSPs must be aware of the peak hour schedule to ensure they’re conducting a migration project during a window that allows swift execution and efficiency for a seamless migration.
  • Prioritize security and data governance. Make sure security processes and protocols are understood and followed, make sure security protections are appropriately set up and configured, and make sure the governance infrastructure is properly configured.
  • Don’t hesitate to bring in outside help. Don’t jump into the project if uncertainties remain; enlist help where it’s warranted. It will make the process smoother.

What are BitTitan’s expansion plans in India?

While BitTitan has a presence in the APAC region, we are looking to increase awareness for MigrationWiz in India and expand our partner relationships. We want to enable more organizations in India with automated solutions that will help them drive business growth.

Our cloud-based solutions can be accessed anytime from anywhere to enable successful cloud migrations that minimize downtime and reduce errors. MigrationWiz can scale to the needs of companies ranging in size from a small or mid-sized business to large enterprise organizations. And our customer support team is always available to offer global support and documentation. They can help with step-by-step migration guides and troubleshooting tips.

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