ECS New Range of AI,Alexa Enabled Devices for Indian

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ECS New Range of AI,Alexa Enabled Devices for Indian 1

Elitegroup Computer Systems, which is a Taiwan based consumer electronics marker of the Mini PC’s, mobile devices, motherboards, IOV, IOT, smart technologies, and notebooks launches the LIVA One with Alexa, LIVA M520, Bora to Bolster with some of the existing range of products in India. Keeping aside from the Tagline “Live Smart with the ECS’s New range of AAI and Alexa Enables Products”, the brand also sees to deliver a high-end AI and Alexa products to the Indian masses. The event also sometimes witnessed the latest AI-based app for smart living.


Nowadays AI has become a vital part of the technology industry today. Smart living is becoming a trend in the modern world, in sync with the latest technological advancements towards the AI based smart living products, ECS also brings in with the latest series of products across the multiple platforms such as the Alexa, Amazon, Google Assistant, or Windows Cortana to help people accomplish some of the daily tasks, home devices, entertainment or more with the help of a simple voice control.

The new series of products include:

ECS Whirlwind:

An Artificial Intelligence built I device which combines a portable 10-inch display and a 2.1 channel of the sound clock with the DTS sound certification to provide with the high-quality sound for both the video and audio.

ECS Bora:

A portable Bluetooth speaker supporting Alexa control with the help of a mobile application. For better sound experience, Bora is built with the full range to deliver high quality of sounds.

ECS Amazon Alexa built-in Mini PC:

As Ai plays a very essential role in the nowadays life; ECS now brings with the Amazon Alexa built in with the Mini PC integrated with the latest AI technologies to the market.

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