EdgeVerve Launches AssistEdge Cloud RPA

EdgeVerve Launches AssistEdge Cloud RPA 1

Infosys, which is a Bangalore based IT major company subsidiary EdgeVerve revealed the launch of the RPA solution to provide the enterprise customers with intelligent automation as a service.

Called by the name as AssistEdge Cloud RPA, the automation solutions is even expected to help the enterprise future proof business with scalability, speed, and security, according to the report which has been revealed.

Most of the enterprises face challenges with the extensive involvement in the functionalities and management of Robotics Process Automation, which undercuts the focus on the process of automation, the statement revealed. AssistEdge RPA will also accelerate the time taken to generate the value for their investments in the innovative latest technologies.

EdgeVerve, as of now, has deployed more than 60000 bots across the different business domains. The company experience and expertise will help the enterprises overcome challenges like the upfront cost and infrastructure procurement, the statement revealed.

“The solution enables the right process selection and execution with faster implementation, through immediate provisioning of infrastructure across all cloud vendors. Enterprises will also get access to real-time monitoring of automated processes,” EdgeVerve said in the statement.

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