EdTech companies Focus on Empowering INDIAN youth – EduBridge

EdTech companies Focus on Empowering INDIAN youth - EduBridge 1

Expansion plan overseas

We are already in talks with and shall start with our overseas expansion in the new financial year in South Asia and then in the European region. We have also started to cater to overseas learners through our portal and tying up with recruitment partners overseas.

Plan for raising Series B funding in next 2 to 3 months

We are currently in conversations with potential investors and tentatively will close this in the next 3-4 months

Launch of new courses

We have launched some courses in the tech and non-tech domain recently. We are also working on several new ‘Learn by Yourself’ courses. There are some new courses in pipeline in the IT sphere. We are looking collaborating with reputed IT companies like Microsoft. We hope to come up with more contemporary pedagogy in Data Science, Cloud, and other spheres. We look forward to launching newer courses in the sphere of BSFI in Wealth Management.

Partnership and association with big corporate, organizations and the government.

We have recently partnered with several corporates like AU Foundation, Ambit, Persistent Systems, etc. for CSR programs and onboarded more than 30-35 recruiters in past 1 month alone

Number of youth skilled by Edubridge and placed students from Indian firms to big multinational companies like J P Morgan, Infosys, Capgemini, HDFC, Amazon,Lenovo etc

Number of youth skilled by Edubridge and placed students from Indian firms to big multinational companies like J P Morgan, Infosys, Capgemini, HDFC, Amazon,Lenovo etc – 250,000 youth trained so far and 180,000 youth placed so far in such corporates

Growth of professional EdTech start-ups in India

EdTech’s in India are growing a rocket-fuelled pace. The predictions are cited at US $4 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 39.77%. The factors that influence the growth of EdTechs include
1. A digital transition that happened in the pandemic
2. The increasing importance of Digital Literacy
3. Traditional Education institutes adopting new-age technology to educate learners across spectrums
4. Advocating the importance of life-long skilling initiatives that are presently being achieved in the virtual space
5. Leveraging the importance of evolving communication infrastructure

How Ed-Tech Start-ups Are Helping India’s Workforce Up skill & Become Future-Ready

EdTechs have been around well before the pandemic. The idea was to leverage technology and enhance skilling pursuits for those residing in the underserved pockets of the country. But EdTechs only acquired fitting visibility during the pandemic, when education transitioned to the virtual mode. During the lockdown, the masses realized they could seek quality education from a smartphone possessing decent internet speeds to keep a seamless learning experience.

 During the trying times of the pandemic, and even in the post-pandemic era, workforce development platforms enable fresh graduates to skill themselves to keep up with the evolving dynamics of the workforce. EdTechs has collaborated with reputed organizations to arrive at a learning pedagogy that aligns with the industry requirement. This way EdTechs has been instrumental in ensuring that there is a ready talent pool that is employable from day one.

 Keeping the pandemic and the future in mind EdTechs have been skilling emergent professionals in Tech and Non-Tech domains. Efforts are being made to groom candidates to keep up with the advancements in the fast-moving corporate environment. Efforts are made to enhance digital literacy, which is the need of the hour.

ChatGPT and its impact on Ed-Tech sector

ChatGPT, a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence tool has transformed the education industry. Its ability to respond to queries in real time and train in natural languages using NLP is a future forward leap made in the technological segment. It’s versatility in closing the communication gap between the trainer and the learner include

  1. Answering questions about specific subjects
  2. providing additional explanations and clarifications
  3. Generating personalized learning plans based on a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.

Additionally, the tool has opened up knowledge sharing for under sourced communities giving them access to information that otherwise would be absent in their vicinity. It has broken barriers and created a level playing field for learners by providing equal academic resources to succeed.

ChatGPT is next-gen and has changed the way learners are trained, assessed and moderated making learning more effective with bespoke personalization, generating relevant and precise answers to learner queries making the learning an engaging experience. It enhances the operations of the educators effectively.

It has impacted the Ed-Tech industry as a powerful tool to grade assignments, write essays, reports even summaries. The advanced capabilities of the tool have propelled this sector to develop several learning application that’s surpassed the traditional learning methods.

ChatGPT revolutionized the Ed-Tech industry with its inception earlier this year and within weeks the founders made multimillion profits off this game changing tool that’s made classrooms global for learners world over. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As the tool evolves further, it will become imperative for educators to include its various features and learning preferences of learners in their training module thereby giving trainers a real chance to focus mainly on leaning towards training learners with key competencies skilling them to their ultimate potential.

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